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This is a closed group:

In order to cover Meetup.com's fees to use their platform, there is an annual fee of $12.00 to join this group.

Rather than actively seek members like other Social group platforms, membership to the Gal Pals will mostly remain with the current members to invite like-minded individuals with similar interests to join this low-keyed fun group. We are Women with 60 years plus of experience, getting together in the spirit of friendship and sharing those experiences.

This group is for women 60+ looking to connect with other ladies of similar interests:

Want to attend an event but have no one to go with? We are a social group in the Greater Toronto Area (Durham Region and East T.O. area) getting together to socialize through meetups such as theater outings, potlucks, movies, card games (i.e. bridge and euchre), monthly book clubs, golf, short day trips etc.

Everyone who joins the group is invited to become an Event Coordinator. All that means is: if you come up with an idea and you want other women to join you, just create an event and invite everyone in the group! Want to go for a hike? Want to create a Book Club? Want to spend the day in Port Perry, Sand Banks, Toronto, etc.? Want to spend a vacation somewhere special but have no one to travel with? The possibilities are endless – and the amazing women who can join you are right here!

We are a low-keyed virtual site for you and your friends to stay connected.

You must be 60 years or older to join our group and post a valid recent picture of yourself.(.although we love our family members we would like a pic of you only) We will also require the month and day of your birth date. As we are a Woman's group, we do not encourage inclusion of your spouse or boyfriends. Some ladies who have male partners occasionally open their homes to host an event. Although the males are encouraged to entertain themselves in another room, they may be lurking around the kitchen for food the odd time.....lol

Membership will be limited to 60 members. which allows members to get to know each other better.

In order to make room for other members to join, any members after 3 months of non-attendance will be removed .

Having said that, we will be charging $12.00 per year for membership, prorated. That's $1.00 per month to be part of a dynamic group where you can not only forge great friendships, have many choices of posted events and the opportunity to shape the group by listing and hosting events you would like to share. Even if you only get one GalPal to attend your event, at least your not going alone. Have Fun!

Please do not invite friends or guests to another members home. These open house events are for our trusted members only!

Release of Liability: When you RSVP yes and or take part in any events, you assume all responsibility for personal injury, death or property damage and loss. You are accepting all risks, dangers and hazards associated with the activities and freely waive or give up all rights to sue or to claim compensation following an accident.

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