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    We're women who like to play games: Euro- games, dice games, card games, party games, filler games, word games, and even traditional American games. But mostly Euro-games. We meet often, play nice, and HAVE FUN!

    Women of all ages, beliefs, orientations, etc., etc., are welcome to join.


    PLAY NICE: Playing games with women often has a different feel, and we like it that way! We often (but not always!) allow "take backs," offer suggestions (but only when wanted), and generally act like staying friends is more important than crushing the opponent (none of which prohibit a small dance of victory after winning a close match).

    BE RESPECTFUL: Act like you'd like to be invited back by both the event host and the other group members.

    UPDATE RSVPs: In part because many of these Meetups are in private homes, RSVPs are taken seriously here. If you RSVPed "yes" and your ability or inclination to attend changes, go to the event page, click the "Your RSVP 'yes' ... CHANGE" button, and update your RSVP as soon as practical. Demonstrating a pattern of no shows is the most likely way of getting bumped from the group.

    HOSTING: Variety is good, and having the pah-tay come to your door is great! Members are more than welcome to host events, iffin' they've attended at least one event in the previous year already. Simply pick a time, day & location that are good for you, because, most likely, "if you build it, they will come." You can choose a specific theme ("Margarita Night," "Let's play D&D," or "outdoor gaming"). The location can be at your home or a public venue (Lucky Lab pubs or game stores tend to have big tables & good lighting). Be realistic when choosing the attendance cap (it's better to have a small event than one so crowded it isn't fun anymore). There's no need to list your exact address if it's a private home; the general location on the internet (ie, "near PCC Cascade" or "39th & SE Hawthorne") is best in most circumstances, with the host sending out a follow up email to RSVPs with the exact address a day or two before the event. If you're comfortable diving in, click "Suggest a Meetup" to get it started, but if not, email Heather the Organizer and I'll help you "make it so."

    ORGANIZER: I'm here to help make this a fun Meetup experience. Have a question? Need support on hosting an event? Contact Heather.

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