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Hello ladies! This small group is dedicated to 40 active women who enjoy medium to fast pace "POWER" hikes, challenging bike rides, and occasional water sports. This group is focused on Health, Fitness, Cardio Conditioning and empowering other women to live healthy, happy lives. This group is not for those who are looking for large groups or slow "social" hikes. Our events are very small in number and range from medium to fast in pace. Burn fat, be strong, and get that heart pumping! This is not a networking group so please do not join if you are not interested in participating. Limited to 40 members, inactive gals will be replaced by new members. The majority of our hikes are scheduled on weekday mornings, although we do sometimes post weekend hikes.

Events are categorized into 10 levels; Level "1" being the easiest and "10" the hardest. ***Level 10 hikes are considered "extreme" hikes. You must be comfortable with very long distances at high elevation before signing up for Level 10. You need to accomplish easier levels first, and work your way up to Level 10. EX: If you have not yet completed Level 7-9 hikes, you should not sign up for 10. ***

Some events are much longer and difficult than others. Some events have timed goals and are very fast paced for training. If you attempt an event that is too difficult, please refrain from signing up for that level until you are physically ready. We will try to leave a thorough description so you know what you are signing up for. Do not expect faster paced hikers to wait for you. Please only sign up for events that you can do, starting at lower levels and working your way up. The more you hike, the better you will get!

Because our events are comparable to an "Outdoor Fitness Class", no dogs or children are allowed. Male and female guests are welcome if they are with a Member. It's your responsibility to notify guests of the risks involved when doing outdoor activities. Organizers are not responsible for your (or guest's) injuries. You are solely responsible for yourself and your guests before, during, and after events.

Events begin on time, so if you are late, you will probably be left behind. Please keep your RSVP current and text event leader the morning of event if you need to cancel. Some hikes are limited in size, so remember to change your RSVP when cancelling. This group is limited to 50 active members and the membership fee is $200 per year. If you love your gal's group, please make a contribution to Arin to help cover the costs. This is very much appreciated. Thank you!

*Red Rock*Mt Charleston*Boulder City*Lee's Canyon*Henderson*Lake Mead*Grand Canyon*Zion*Valley of Fire*Cowboy Trail*Blue Diamond*Death Valley*Bryce*River Mountain Loop*Lake Las Vegas*much more!

Life is short.....Let's Go!

*For security reasons, please post a profile picture of yourself and your full name. Always have plenty of snacks, beverages, a whistle, self protection, and ID at all times. Always carry an ICE card (or dog tag) with you including emergency contact info. (Check out RoadID.com) You are responsible for you!

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