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Warmachine Hordes Season of Blood!

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War is rumbling in the crumbled ruins and dark bowers of Thornwood. Steam from marching ‘jacks flows across the land covering the landscape in a thick, black fog as they march alongside men-at-arms from countries warring over a plot of land so twisted and scarred that the land cries at times. The sound of silence is never welcome as that is when the ambush begins. Here is where fortunes are made and where dreams are twisted into nightmares by the fickle fates of men and beast.

Over the next weeks, armies will clash for locations steeped in eldritch might or strategic importance. Relics will be sought, and blood will be shed as commanders slam their will and troops on the altar of victory. No one will leave this land unscathed, but the butcher must be paid for his service this season. And no coin is as good as a pound of flesh.

I can tell I have your interest. Want the details?

Build a 200 point list. FA limits apply. Choose four casters to lead this troop of yours. At the start, no epic casters can be chosen; all casters must be prime versions only. Every game for the league can only be played from list you submit. At the end of the game, both players will roll for units, beasts/jacks, solos, casters that have been destroyed/RFP’ed. On a 1-3 they are gone, they cannot be used again until you spend the points to buy them back, on a 4-6 they can be used again, but in some cases they will be damaged (max units will be down 1 man, boxes lost from jacks or beasts). Scenario points, extra games, location points will all be used to determine extra resource points allocated at the end of the two weeks. Epic versions of casters can be purchased every two weeks, new casters can be purchased every two weeks or as points are spent.

For two week periods, armies will vie for spots to gather advantage for the coming weeks. Your allies are your faction brothers and the mercenaries that you can afford. No one is out for losing a game, and no one is guaranteed overall victory for one battle. The war is the key, not the day. Strategies will change as the sacrifice of a unit or beast can win the battle, but cripple your forces.

Entry Fee: $5