[18.03.2015] Next Meetup @ EPFL !


UPDATE: The room has changed and is now CO3 (see the plan) (http://plan.epfl.ch/?lang=fr&zoom=19&recenter_y=5864059.86501&recenter_x=730751.39469&layerNodes=fonds,batiments,labels,information,parkings_publics,arrets_metro,transports_publics&floor=3&q=co3)

Hi all!

Next official session will take place at EPFL on March 18th 2015 (room CO3 (http://plan.epfl.ch/?lang=fr&zoom=19&recenter_y=5864059.86501&recenter_x=730751.39469&layerNodes=fonds,batiments,labels,information,parkings_publics,arrets_metro,transports_publics&floor=3&q=co3)) ! As you can see we begin quite early... the idea is to let the epfl students have an introduction to video-games development, and then let them meet and talk with developers. Of course we know that it's not possible for everyone to be there at 6pm, so feel free to join during the session :)

The current planning is as follow and is subject to changes:

• 18:00-18:05 - Welcome (Loïc Duboux (http://www.meetup.com/Game-developers-Suisse-Romande/members/118981712/), President Game Developer Lausanne)

• 18:05-18:30 - How to build your own Game Engine (Florian Brönnimann (http://www.meetup.com/Game-developers-Suisse-Romande/members/182866948/), Developer at Clan of the Cloud)

• 18:30-18:45 - An introduction to Unity3D game Engine (Mikhail Chatillon (http://www.meetup.com/Game-developers-Suisse-Romande/members/117413652/), Microsoft Suisse)

• 18:45-18:55 - An introduction to Unreal (Frederic Dubouchet (http://www.meetup.com/Game-developers-Suisse-Romande/members/122346222))

• 18:55-19:00 - Discover Game Jams, A fun hackaton! (David Roulin)

• 19:00-19:10 - Swiss games, the past, the current, the future (Sandro Dall’Aglio (http://www.meetup.com/Game-developers-Suisse-Romande/members/122857532/), Redactor at uncoindepixel.ch (http://www.uncoindepixel.ch))

• 19:10-20:00: Swiss game developers showcases

• Asylamba (http://asylamba.com/)

• Digital Kingdom (http://digitalkingdom.ch/)

• Sunnyside Games (http://www.sunnysidegames.ch)

• Tchagata Games (http://tchagata.com)

• Witchlake Studio (http://www.witchlake.ch/)

• 20:00-22:00 Networking

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or comments!

See you soon :)