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This is a group for people interested in Magic The Gathering, Strategic Board Games (such as Game of Thrones and Arkham Horror), Miniature Wargaming (Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press, X-WING, and Malifaux), and RPG's such as Iron Kingdoms and Dungeons and Dragons 5E.

We have an expansive computer gaming lounge where you can enjoy your favorite PC games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft while you are taking a break from destroying your opponent in Warmachine or Magic The Gathering. We have an extensive organized event schedule. We offer Commander/EDH events, Friday Night Magic Standard, Wednesday Magic Standard, Draft and Cube, Thursday Warmachine/Hordes battles, and much more.

Bring your friends and enjoy our large snack and beverage section and choose from our large selection of Magic singles, Warmachine/Hordes miniatures, and all of the paints and modeling materials that you would ever need. Come home today to Gamestorm!

Upcoming events (5+)

Ravnica Allegiance Sealed League (4 weeks long)

What: Magic League: Ravnica Allegiance Where: GameStorm (1243 State St. in Lemont ) When: Jan 28th - Feb 18th Entry: $12 to start and then $4 per pack added Prize: Every participant gets a foil Gate Colossus Promo (while supplies last) *Must play at least 3 games total to get the promo* **To up the stakes a bit, we are adding a $5 entry on top of the price for packs. This will be only be for people who choose to participate, but 100% of the entry will be paid out to the top 3 players with most wins, at the end of the league. Only your first 5 games of the week will count toward your grand end total. Those 5 games also must be played against at least 2 different opponents** *We had over 30 players for each of our last few Leagues!* Be sure to make plans to participate in our Magic League: Ravnica Allegiance from Jan 28th - Feb 18th, 2018! The Magic League is a four-week program for fun, on-demand Magic play, at any skill level. Rules: Players will initially receive 3 initial booster packs of Ravnica Allegiance and build a 30-card minimum deck. Each new week (or after 3 consecutive losses), players have the option to add another booster pack to their card pool. During the league, players are able to play other league participants throughout the week; however, EVERY MONDAY at (6 pm - 10 pm) will be a designated night for league play. All league games MUST be played at the store. Match cards and Magic League Collection deck boxes will be supplied. All decks MUST remain in the store and will be secured by the store when not in use. The Magic League Collection Box is unique to the league and is larger than a typical deck box. It also acts as a beacon that signifies other participants in league, making it easier for players to find league opponents. Gameplay - Matches should be just one game and each player may take one free mulligan per match. After 3 consecutive losses, players are allowed to add an additional booster to their pool. Players can play as many matches as they desire and can play whenever they want and against anyone in the league. Prizes and rewards will be provided for various accomplishments, such as players with 10+ wins, most improved, most new players recruited, most games played, etc. (specific prizes and rewards will be determined and announced prior to the start of the league).

Magic The Gathering - Commander/EDH Format


Come on down Monday nights at 7:00 pm for Commander! - 1 on 1 - Best of one game (sideboard before game 1, after generals are revealed) - One free 7 card mulligan - 10 card sideboard - $6 entry - 100% of payout in store credit!! - Regular Multi Player Banned List/Rules (I.E. cards like Sol Ring ARE LEGAL) - Infinite combos and extra turns ARE ALLOWED =) If you need singles...keep us in mind! We have a very extensive singles/accessories inventory! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1650017468553815/1671875589701336/?notif_t=like **On a side note, we have a HUGE variety of singles and accessories in stock for Magic the Gathering. We encourage you to take a trip down and check us out. Everyone can participate in our loyalty punch card program (for every $250 spent on product - you receive 5 free booster packs + every time you attend 10 tournaments...you get a free Friday Night Magic entry) Also to make it easy for you our customer, we have tax included in all our prices already** Like us on FaceBook, so you can communicate directly with us! We are usually available all day/night from (Noon-Midnight) https://www.facebook.com/gamestorm

GameStorm Commander Pods


What: Commander Pods When: Tuesdays starting on Nov 13th Time: 6:00 pm start time, but we can fire multiple pods and back 2 Entry: $4 per person (covers the cost of a pack) Payout: You get one pack each time you land a killing blow (taking a player out of the game) Starting at 6:00 pm we will be firing Commander Pods with 4-6 players (depending on turnout) We can also rerun the same pod if the players choose after the 1st game (new entry fee will play for each game after 1st) *Rules* - Multi-player banned list, 1 free full mulligan, Infinite combos allowed Tuesdays have been a bit of a "Wild Card" day, but we are trying to streamline it with some Commander Pods. If the turnouts are solid, we can transition this into a Commander League (assuming players want that). Hope to see you guys on Tuesdays!

Super Smash Ultimate Tuesday Tourneys


What: Super Smash Ultimate Tournament When: Every Tuesday (Starting Feb 12th) Time: Registration 6:00 pm // 7:00 pm Start Time Entry: $10.00 Format: 1v1 Double Elimination **We encourage people to bring their controllers and switches but, it is NOT necessary**

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Magic The Gathering - Modern Format


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