Commander League


What: Commander League
When: Every Thursday
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Cost : $6 per person, per week
Payout: Top 3 of each week will get pack payout - Top 3 at the end of each month/season will get store credit payout

We have been asked by our players to start a Commander league. This will be our first attempt but, we are excited to get this rolling! We encourage you to come out and join us, especially if you want to see this event succeed =)

- Multi Player Banned List
- One free full mulligan
- PODs will be picked randomly
- Each "season" will run for the length of one month (4 or 5 weeks) depending on month
- Each player will play in two POD games per night (starting at 7 pm and ending at 11 pm)
- You can switch decks between PODS
- 90 Minute Time Limit (each player will get one turn after time)
- No infinite combos before turn 5
- Top player with most points at the end of each month/season will get to make a new way of earning points OR remove a current way of earning points, for the next one month.
- Proxies are allowed but only if they are printed with full text/picture and if you own the card
- Points will be tracked on a spreadsheet

**Ways to earn points**
1 pt for each POD game you participate in (max 2 per night)
1 pt for doing the first combat damage
1 pt for controlling 5 or more creatures at one time (limit one per game)
1 pt for destroying 5 of more creatures with one spell (limit one per game)
1 pt for destroying a planeswalker (limit one per game)
1 pt for stealing an opponent's permanent (limit one per game)
1 pt for landing a killing blow to a player
2 pts for killing someone with commander damage
2 pts for winning the POD - 1 pt for getting 2nd in the POD
*BONUS* 2 pts if you played in each week of a month/season

Please be patient as the first month will iron out any bugs we may encounter and stream line the way points are earned.

We also plan on streaming these games in the near future