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Epic RPG day at Stonegate (Tacoma) (21 and over)

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Every 3rd Saturday of the month Stonegate Pizza is letting us use their room upstairs for an epic time of RPGs.

Stonegate Opens at 12:00pm and will close at 2am
This is a 21 and over event. Please no outside food or drink.

Please Leave a comment below to tell us which game you are interest in playing many of these games are filling up.

If you do not signup for a game you may not be able to play if there are no more slots for the game(s) you are looking to join.

If you'd like to GM please let me know via email at [masked]. Tell me what game you'd like to run, what time you'll be running, and how many players maximum can join. (and a little blurb about the campaign)

REMINDER: Gamerati members receive 10% off at Stonegate Pizza (

Games being hosted so far at Stonegate:

1pm - 5pm
Game 1: Dungeon Crawl Classic with Joe England
Game 2: The One Ring With Joey Turco
Game 3: D&D5e with Mike Hourigan (full) HIATUS
Game 4: Homebrew RPG with Edward Thomas
Game 5: Star Wars RPG (WEG D6) With Kirk Rappe

5:30pm - 9:30pm
Game 1: Open
Game 2: Nights Black Agents with Alex Stone (full)
Game 3: D&D5e with Mike Hourigan HIATUS
Game 4: Pugmire with Joey Turco

10pm - 2am
Game 1: D&D5e with Robert James (full)
Game 2: Open
Game 3: Open
Game 4: Open
Game 5: Cancelled Metamorphosis Alpha with Joe England

Jump-in games: (these games are good for playing once. They do not require you sign up for them and they have variable times of play, there are currently none, but stay tuned)

• Dungeon Crawl Classics

Judge Joe : Return to the glory days of fantasy with the Dungeon Crawl Classic Role playing Game. Set sights on adventure with this modern OGL rule system that is grounded in sword & sorcery and the best of Appendix N Literature. It’s time to party like it’s 1974. If you have questions email [masked]

This month will be playing Sailors on a Starless Sea and a return to the scratch off maps. I'll have plenty of 0 level funnel characters to play.

Goodman Games sent me some swag to hand out at the game got some bookmark character sheets and DCC pencil's

Players (0/~)

New players always welcome though some sessions are better to start at then others.

Player List: Walter (, Jeff (, John (, Harry (, Chris (, Denis (, Samir (

• The One Ring

(GM) Joey Turco: The One Ring is an RPG set directly in Tolkiens world of Lord of the Rings. From Humble beginnings you feel the call to adventure. Not only will it be dangerous and deadly, but most of the time it'll be downright uncomfortable. You may have to go with out 2nd breakfast, but that won't stop your need to set the world right.

(Players: 4/5)
Player List: Robert James (, Matthew Wetzel (, Chad Martinell (, Alex Stone (
Alt List:

• Nights Black Agents

(GM) Alex Stone: The Forgotten Sun Spies fight a Vampire Conspiracy.Antoinette, JJ, Patrick, and Nathaniel(Though he mentioned he may not be able to make it).

(Players 5/5)
Player List: Antoinette, JJ, R. Patrick Taggesell (, Joan + 1 (

• Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mike Hourigan (DM): Valine—the mountainous Kingdom to the west of the Voth river has long held great contempt for it’s neighbor, the forested Kingdom of Hellerein, and the feeling is mutual. As a new threat challenges the security of Valine, will old foes bind together for survival? A world filled with action and daring heroes. The Valine calls out—who will step forward to save her? (Note: If you’re interested in playing D&D but don’t have the tools (dice, books, etc), you’re still welcome to play. Will have some step-by-step character creation time set aside! Ability scores will be rolled at the table, or point buy/standard array are acceptable.)

(Players: 8/8) This game is full, but you can be placed on the alternate list and get a chance to play if someone doesn't show
Player List: Richard Garner (, Noor F. Said (, Freddie Heinz (, Edward Thomas (, Mark (, Jennevieve Schlemmer +1 (
Alt List:

• Home-brew RPG (D&D similar)

(GM) Edward Thomas: The sun shines warmly on your face as you greet the sun rising in the east. You all met as children here in the town of Ironhaven, and it is all you have known your whole lives. Each of you has their own chores to do, but for the past several years you have been meeting together in the morning to greet the sun’s rising and talk about your hopes and dreams. Recently the village has experienced raiding parties on the outskirts, and several children have been taken. Today’s topic of discussion is the disappearance of more children from the local farms. Each of you is worried about the harvest. You are just about to return home when you notice Sariel, the priest of Hephaestus, and Shim Nuan, Leader of the Gerousia (Elders) are approaching.
Welcome to the world of Kyrunkoi. Will you be the one to help the town and find your fellow citizens? Do you have what it takes to carve your name into history? Or will you be forgotten within a few years of your death. Come join us for adventure! After all as it has been said in the past..."Do you want to live forever?"

(Players: 0/6)
Player List:
Alt List:

• Pugmire

(GM) Joey Turco: Pugmire is a world ruled by anthropomorphic dogs. Basically the premise is kinda like Planet of the Apes, but with Dogs instead. Mankind has vanished dogs now walk the earth worship mankind as lost gods.
I backed the Kickstarter campaign, and so I have the early access PDF. If you're interested in playing, I recommend picking up the PDF on Drive thru RPG. The game uses the new OGL for 5th edition D&D with some major tweaks. Message me is you have any other questions.

(Players: 4/5)
Player List: Joe E (, Ed Healy (, Joy (, John Powell (
Alt List: Rob James (, Kirk (

• Star Wars (West End Games D6 system)

(GM) Kirk Rappe: The original Star Wars Roleplaying game – Star Wars D6 2nd Edition by West End Games. As crew, passengers, or vagabonds of a light freighter you’ll try to make a living in the galaxy of the original Star Wars trilogy (no Gungans or Battle Droids here!). Though you’ll start out trying to make a buck while battling pirates and Corporate Sector Authority officials, the conflict between the Rebellion and Empire is just around the corner…

(Players: 1/5)
Player List: Johnny Mack (, Tony +1 (,

• Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mike Hourigan (DM): Welcome to Zion! A city of light and promise! At least that’s what they say to your face. However, local legends speak of a very different Zion. A city of darkness, danger, and madness at every turn that has been locked to outsiders for decades. However, there have been whispers of Zion’s gates opening, and Pelor knows what is seeping out…

(Players: 6/6) This game is full, but you can be placed on the alternate list and get a chance to play if someone doesn't show
Player List: Edward ( +1, Freddie Heinz (, Bryan Shirley (, Noor F. Said (, Brian Murry (

• Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

(DM) Robert James: No Synopsis yet

(Players: 5/5) This game is full, but you can be placed on the alternate list and get a chance to play if someone doesn't show
Matthew Wetzel (, Joey Turco (, Freddie Heinz (, Edward Thomas (, Mike Hourigan (
Alt List: Joy (

• Cancelled - Metamorphosis Alpha

Cancelling due to lack of players

Referee: Joe England

Return to 1975 with TSR first game that was branded as a Roleplaying Game and the first Science Fiction Roleplaying game Metamorphosis Alpha by James Ward.

Metamorphosis Alpha has you exploring a giant colonization spaceship that has undergone a serious mishap on it's journey to find a new world. You play the ancestors of the crew members that survived. Most inhabitants no long even know they are on a star ship. The ship is kept running through a team of robots and the ships computer. You will play either Pure Strain Human, Mutant Human or a Mutant Animal. The PDF for the game is on sale for $5.99 on DriveThru. I'll have a couple physical copies of the game for people to look through. We can either make characters together the first night or use pregens and get right into the adventure.

Player (1/5): Justin (