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Dungeons and Dragons 5e, The Darkness of the Afterworld (Game Full)
The Gods are Dead—Now It’s Your Turn There was a time when gods walked the world. Their magic pervaded the earth and the sky. From their mystical realm of Elanehtar, they brought plenty and pestilence. They judged the living and the dead. Their rule was absolute. Then Elanehtar fell to earth like a vengeful star, sparking cataclysm and plunging the world into a dark age. The gods are gone, but their works remain—scattered and broken. The world struggles under the yoke of murder, slavery, and corruption. Dark things have squirmed free of their divine prisons, and even the afterlife has become a realm of nightmares. The Afterworld is what's left. And you heroes are thrust into events between those that vie for power in a world without gods. This campaign world is adapted from the Cypher System's Gods of the Fall campaign setting, but we will play with 5e dungeons and dragons rules. (Unless there is strong interest in a Cypher system game) I plan for this campaign to be a balance between role play and combat and have a variety of adventure types--dungeons, mystery, politics, gathering followers and strongholds, covert ops and more! This first session Feb. 20 will be session zero, and we'll create characters (level 1). We will roll for stats at the table. If it goes quick we'll jump right in! All official 5th edition material is generally allowed. Multi-classing is by permission only. Please come with books, dice, character sheets. etc. We will play every two weeks at this time. Regular attendance is greatly appreciated. Max six players. Please feel free to message me with questions.

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