Create your own story with Tales of The Arabian Nights!

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This game will be played on Saturday and Sunday, please only RSVP once.

Tales of The Arabian Nights is a storytelling game where actually winning the game isn't that important for most people. Why? Because everyone is curious about what will happen next to their character!

Everyone will choose a character from the universe of The Tales of The Arabian Nights such as Aladdin, Sheherazade, Sinbad, ... They will then embark on their journey. Every turn they will encounter something (place, monster, situation) or someone (beggar, thieves, sultans,...). The player must then decide how they will react! Will you help the beggar, steal from the thieves, grovel before the sultan...? After they made their choice, the player on their left will read from the (big!!) storybook to see what happens to their character. The first player who manages to collect a certain amount of story and destiny points and ends his turn in Baghdad, wins!

I took out 3 hours since this game can take quite a while to play !

The fee will be paid directly to the venue and the cost will be 63$ per person. You do get a free 30$ drink with it though :).

If you have a member card, you'll only pay 58$.

You can order food there too if you want to!