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Do you believe that Games can change the world?

Then you should continue reading, if not, you should definitely come along, we might change your mind.

This will be a series of Networking Meetups around the field of Gamification and Behavioural Design.
The first session will be dedicated towards how you develop a growth mindset!
We welcome people from any field to participate and discuss this topic and many more with us.

Get some insights from our community of passionate innovators, game changers, game and gamification lovers and professionals!

I would like to move this Meetup based on where I go, so not just London but also Zurich, Cape Town, Barcelona, Singapore... It should be like a travelling circus, so maybe your town is next!

These events will be held very open, so don't worry about showing up, we will all meet in a friendly atmosphere and we don't bite (at least most of us). The place of the event will still be decided, but is likely to be around London Victoria, so you get home easily after a few drinks. Please contact me if you have any ideas for improvements!

Use the hashtag #gamificationadventure to promote the event and our community!

Sabrina Bruehwiler
The Octalysis Group, GamFed.

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LEVEL 0 - Mindset

The Jugged Hare PH, Victoria,

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