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‘Gaming For A Cause’ or a.k.a ‘Mississauga Rotary – FIFA Tournament’ is the Rotary Youth Engagement and Fund Raising Program of Rotary Club of Mississauga – City Centre where the main targets of the program are:

- To introduce the Rotary International and all of the Rotary Supported Causes to the youth and raise awareness for their future life.

- To build a social environment where these young people can interact with each other for better friendships, develop their skills and passion in a competitive environment, have a chance to learn about the latest technology and enjoy their time spent there by having fun.

- To turn this event into a repeatable fund raiser event series when we reach to a certain level of popularity as the eSports and Video Gaming topics are extremely hot topics currently. With these raised funds, we will be able to continue supporting our Rotary causes like benefiting the Common Good, serving hungry children, impoverished families and lonely seniors in Mississauga.

With the start of the 2018 – 2019 season in October, it will be our 4th season with this program. We would like to thank to all of our corporate and individual sponsors together with our club members who enable us to continue with this program. Currently, we are the only organization that hosts regular FIFA tournaments every month in Ontario. We are hoping that this program will continue to mature and grow with every event that we host. If you are interested in any kind of partnership in this program, please contact us with the alifuatv@rcm-cc.ca email.

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FIFA 19 - February Tournament

Microsoft Store Square One Shopping Centre

The tournament will be played with FIFA 19 and it is absolutely FREE to attend. You will need to create your profile with the team that you want to play with and complete your registeration at the official site www.gamingforacause.org (http://www.gamingforacause.org/). During your registration, you will be asked to pay 15.00 CAD as the deposit fee but when you show up for the registered tournament, this deposit fee will be refunded fully. The 1st Place Winner Prize will be again an Xbox One S Console that could be seen in the picture below and there will be other draw prizes! Do not miss your chance to win this appealing prizes!!! We would like to see your participation within our tournament. Please tell about this tournament to your friends and bring them as well to increase the overall joy and competition!

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FIFA 19 - January Tournament

Microsoft Store Square One Shopping Centre

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