Schlow Saturday: Public Boardgaming Meetup Mark LXX (All Ages)



This monthly event is now co-hosted with Schlow Library and the start time for these monthly public meetups will be 10:00am with the same 4:00pm end time. You can find more local information on the Schlow website ( or listen for an announcement on WPSU as well.

This will be the seventieth of our monthly public meetups in the interest of:

• Allowing members to meet one another before committing to meetups at private residences

• Allowing for "all ages" events to happen on a regular basis for those who may not want to game when there's alcohol, adult table talk, or adult-themed games present

• Allowing us to demo games in a public setting and, perhaps, promote the group publicly to draw more membership

We have both rooms which will hold ~50 people and the library provides tables, chairs, and a small kitchenette to prepare light snacks. All you will need to bring is yourself, any game you want to play, people you feel would enjoy open gaming, and a pleasant and open attitude.

What is meant by "All Ages"?

"All Ages," in this context, implies that:

1. There will not be alcohol or other age-restricted items present (obvious in this case given the venue)

2. Adult language and 'trash talking' will be kept to a PG-13 level or below

3. Adult-themed games will not be allowed (think 'Cards Against Humanity')

4. 'Your mom' jokes are still welcome and will be appropriately snickered at

(If anyone has anything to add to this list, please state as much in the comments)