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One gardener's unused, or unwanted supplies are another ones treasure! Is your shed filled with great indoor or outdoor gardening equipment you aren't using? Do you have 6 shovels but no gloves? Diversify your garden and your tools by bringing unwanted supplies to this community meetup. You can trade or charge for your supplies - it's up to you. The event is free to attend but there is a $10 vendor fee if you want to sell your items. All Vendor Fees will be collected the day of the event in the Natural Order Supply Storefront and will benefit the Grant A Wish Program in Grand Junction. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: You bring your unwanted gardening supplies to the venue. Park your vehicle, pop the truck and showcase the supplies you are looking to unload.

ITEM IDEAS: T5 light fixtures, LED lights, hand tools, propagation supplies, seedlings, greenhouse materials, fans, heat mats, gloves, pots, wagons, seed stock, anything that can be used for cultivation that is taking up stace on your property :)

WHERE: The Parking Lot of Natural Order Supply, 2493 US-6 #5, Grand Junction, Co 81501, Sunday, June 10 AM - 2PM

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