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At the garden of Alchemy, we alchemise with the most highly vibrational Medicines of the Earth to help self-regulate the Body, Mind and Spirit.
You can book Cacao & Kambo ceremonies and integration sessions through the website.

Cacao Ceremony with Annabelle
Cacao is the medicine of the Heart. Its qualities literally raise our vibration. As the powerful and subtle energy of cacao enters the body, it helps to remove, release and transform any blocks.

Kambo with Annabelle and Morten
Kambo is healing medicine derived from frogs. The Garden of Alchemy provides Kambo ceremony in a safe way,making sure you can enjoy it’s incredible benefits.

Healing Plants with Annabelle
Earth Medicines are the original, uncorrupted support tools that were gifted to us by Mother Earth to assist us with our health, healing and the awakening of our consciousness.

Integration Sessions with Annabelle
If you are serious about change and plant medicine comes onto your path, respect this powerful wisdom. Give it space and planning so it can be properly integrated into your life and your being.

Men's Circles with Morten
A men’s circle will teach you how to hold space and how to show up in this world as a man of integrity and presence. Here you will learn to open, surrender and to face the depths of your inner world. It will give you the space to cry, laugh and scream. The circle will support you in becoming the man you want to be.

Anger Sessions with Morten
I facilitate a safe container for your to fully let go into your emotions, it may be anger, rage or grief that needs holding. We will explore where the feelings came from, or when they first appeared. How they show up in your life and what patterns is holding you back. I will guide you into your deep power to face those emotions. We will dive into the shadows and meet the dragon. We will explore what gold can be found once we surrender to our so called “bad” emotions. You will learn tools on how to deal with anger in everyday situations and how to have healthy releases of anger.

With Love,
Annabelle & Morten

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Mancave Circles - Monthly Men's Group

Humankind Studios

Mancave Circles - Monthly Men's Group

Humankind Studios

Experience: Sacred Kambo Ceremony

Unity Studio

Mancave Circles - Monthly Men's Group

Humankind Studios


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