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Don't Hire a Sales Team, Join One!
DON'T HIRE A SALES TEAM, JOIN ONE! Welcome to TEAM Referral Network, where we are passionate about networking and connecting you with the right professionals to grow your business. TEAM Referral Network includes weekly meetings with your chapter, training programs, business development, and most importantly, quality business relationships. HOW IT WORKS: Membership is exclusive. Only one business for each category is allowed to join a TEAM Referral chapter. Weekly meetings give TEAM members the opportunity to market their business and get to know their fellow professionals and the business they represent. Members work together for a common goal: to increase their sales income and bottom line. WHY IT WORKS: Everyone appreciates referrals! When people are looking for a product or service, a personal referral beats the Yellow Pages every time. Your business gains the competitive edge when a TEAM member refers someone to you and speaks well of your integrity, quality products and excellent service. If you do the same for your fellow TEAM members, everybody WINS! There is so much more to TEAM Referral Network that happens outside of our chapter meetings. Members are encouraged to meet one-on-one with other members to get to know each other on a deeper level. The entire TEAM Referral Network has access to all members with the exclusive TEAM-sponsored member’s website. These “mini” websites give added value to your brand’s online presence and search engine rankings (SEO), as well as make it even easier for prospects to find your company online. TEAM Referral Network also provides regular business development training. TEAM Referral Network helps you exponentially expand your sphere of influence and grow your business referrals. Come learn how to join a chapter!

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