What we're about

It is not just to dine and then leave!!!!!!

A lot of Expats from huge number of different nationalities are living together in a harmony & peace in this amazing country but majority of us don’t know the cultures and traditions of each other. Let us know it through the food, it is a truly way of getting to know the world, cultures, the interesting recipes and the story behind them. Our culinary events are relaxed, hands-on & fun. We will take place in selected restaurants with talented local chefs who are having a very passionate about cooking and sharing their knowledge.

All of us will be fully immersed in a destination's food scene, tasting different cuisines starting from Spanish Paella passing by Masquof Iraqi, Egyptian Molokheia, Moroccan Couscous to Japanese Miso soup & Sushi and others. Food is a symbol of hospitality, social status, and religious significance. Will know the art of preparing & how to serve it, the style of cooking of particular region - all are factors profoundly touched by our individual cultural inheritance.

I invite you to join us in this adventure tour to create the most memorable gastronomic experience

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