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Since we are just starting out 2016, lets make sure we make this year everything we want it to be. If you have not VB'd before you are in for a treat. We'll work together with images, magazine photos, baubles, and words to visually create what we want our year and our life to become.

I did this board the year before I opened my shop and before I began singing again. Just putting my intentions out to the universe AND on paper solidified my drive. I am almost 2 years into my store, my front porch is completely redone (yes, that was part of my board) and I'm in 2 bands!

I'm not saying the board is magic (well kinda), but its more about taking your goals and your happiness seriously.

Lets do this together. Its always more fun this way.

Please bring:

• Your images! (We will have magazines to choose from but this is a lengthy process and we wont have time to peruse, cutout and create in one night) Find any and all images that speak to you. Don't think to hard. Just go with your first instinct. You may only use a third of what you cut or tear out so bring it all!

• Something to share with the gang (wine, cheese, chips, cookies etc...)

• Your Dreams for your future of course ;)

I will provide:

• Glue

• Boards

• Inspiration

• Inappropriate Banter

• Extra imagery

• A great big room and tables where we can spread out and create!