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Good news!

Ben King (Keep It Simple Tech) keeps an eye on his app....on his watch. His company, Keep It Simple Tech launched app ABC, Always Be in Contact recently. It's cool! Try it out. (

How did he do it? Well, it's not a one man show. There's also an incubator involved. How about the development model? Join us at the next GatorJUG and learn all about the smartphone SDLC.

Good questions. All of us are inevitably wondering whether to make the leap to smart watches if we haven't already.

And, GatorJUG folks are thinking beyond buying the watches or downloading the apps. We're thinking about making the apps! For sure! That's what we do.

It's springtime and the backyard at First Magnitude is where we'll meet next Wednesday, from 6-9PM. Please RSVP here at the event announcement. (

We have a new sponsor: JSPTester. JSPTester is a Java testing tool to help you test your JSP. According to the website, "JSPTester is a web-based tool for the isolated testing and prototyping of JSP pages! JspTester™ seamlessly integrates with your web application, allowing you to test the rendering of JSP pages by injecting request parameters, model attributes and session variables without the need of business logic or an MVC controller." Check it out here:;;

Thanks to JSPTester, we'll have some dee-licious munchies.

Cambridge Web Design ( is an official GatorJUG sponsor. CWD ::: Working Software Developers...since 1997!