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I started this meetup as a venue for Like minded male Pinochle players in Vancouver(or anywhere really, even Russia if you want to travel to Vancouver WA) to have a local outlet for social meetup without having to add the hour or two it takes to get to Portland to their schedule. It got OLD! (Like when you get stuck in snowmagedden) This group is for Gay Men(any men are welcome, gay, strait, bi, trans, whatever) of all ages who desire to play, or want to learn to play, a friendly, non competitive game of pinochle. Men who don't know how, but have a desire to learn how, are encouraged to join the group. It is very easy to learn and we have cheat sheets to help you with the rules and ins and outs of the game.

At this point meetups will happen once a month, at a day and time that best fits most schedules. The meetups will involve volunteering to host the group now and then and each member should be bring a snack to share. Members are responsible to bring their own beverage of choice.

UGH!Now for the rules. The desire to play, or learn to play pinochle is our main focus in a safe and fun environment where rude, impatient, or bullying behavior will not be tolerated. (If you are the type of person that gets really mad and fist pounds the table when your partner passes a 10 instead of a 9, please don't join us) Should a player exhibit these behaviors they will be asked to leave the group and the administrative member reserves the right to remove the offending player at anytime for such behavior.

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