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***This group is reserved for gay, bisexual, and questioning men who are interested in self growth and development, not for attention seeking or hooking up. This is not a singles group, this is social group*** What does it mean to live, and love with your whole heart? Is it something we learn from years of experience and wisdom, is it something we are raised with, or rather, is it a series of choices we make moment to moment? We believe “wholeheartedness” is a skill, a practice we develop and grow in order to adapt to stress and struggles around us in a way that empowers us, and makes us feel like we are worthy of love and belonging. This group will draw on Brene Brown's 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living (see below). We are people who try, or want to try, to practice these 10 guideposts (with the understanding that no one person is perfect at practicing all of them), and who want to interact and socialize with a community that is supportive of these fundamentals. We will have many different social activities, and opportunities to learn how to incorporate these guideposts in different ways to you specifically. Activities may include, but are not restricted to: book groups, potlucks, board game nights, Bar-B-Q's, movie nights, meetings in the park, and occasional workshops offered by the two group facilitators Tyler and Chip.

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