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Welcome to GayGeocaching.com! We are a gay friendly outdoor adventure group open to anyone, anywhere. All that join our group have freedom to be themselves while making friends, bringing friends and having fun while Geocaching. Simple as that. You may know what Geocaching is, or completely clueless, might have heard of it, an enthusiast or just obsessed. Does not matter. Even if it's your first time, no worries. It's easy and fun!

You should love to walk long distances and sometimes hit tough terrains. We could be walking for many miles, or just a few trails. You are free to leave an event at any time. So disregard end times in event listings.

The only requirements you would need are good hiking shoes and your GPS enabled phone. Please see the list for other optional items to bring. You will get dirty, branches in the face, maybe a thorn or two, and maybe a mosquito or three.

If you love to hike, explore the wilderness or walking roads less traveled, this group is for you. Geocaching is merely about the missions and motivation to complete them. Along with a little competition on finding the treasure troves first.

Be part of our group of gay friendly Geocachers. For more information about the rules of Geocaching, visit the official site at: Geocaching.com We are not associated with the official site. But you register there to log your progress etc. If you are interested in hosting a Gay Geocaching event, contact me and I will list the event!

To find our meetup group easily, just remember the address: GayGeocaching.com




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