What we're about

Geauga Skywatchers Club is an Astronomy Club founded by a partnership of local organizations interested in promoting scientific thinking to the young and young-at-heart through the study and practice of astronomy. We meet within the Geauga County Public Library, the Burton Public Library, and at Observatory Park.

We explore Astronomy with the guidance of local experts and sophisticated equipment available through local organizations. Our goal is to teach the wonders of the solar system and universe while honing skills in mathematics, engineering, optics, observing, reason and critical thinking. We recognize accomplishment with an optional system of advancement.

We help make bright minds shine with the light of new knowledge. We inspire the next generation of working scientists in our community by “Looking Up.”

Brought to you by the efforts of these organizations and their dedicated members and volunteers:

The Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society

The Foundation for Geauga Parks

The Geauga Park District

The Geauga County Public Library

The Burton Public Library

Upcoming events (2)

Sundials, Latitude & Time

Geauga County Public Library

Our Second Meetup! Learn how to tell time - without a watch! Sundials are an ancient technology, full of lessons of modern importance. Learn about latitude, longitude, time zones, the equation of time, and a bit of the history of time telling. Come prepared to use a compass and ruler to draw and construct your own working sundial! Led by Dr. George Trimble, President of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society. The second monthly meeting of our new astronomy club. Limited space. Unlimited Adventure!

Telescopes: From Galileo to Cassegrain

13455 Chillicothe Rd

Our Third Meetup! Learn all about telescopes, and make your own working optical instrument to explore the skies! Learn the basics of optics with the Guidance of Martin Mullet of the Chagrin Valley Astronomical Society. Learn about the Library's new telescope lending program and some basics of how to use a precision scientific instrument to see the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn! Star party in parking lot after, weather permitting Join us. Get smart. Have fun! Limited space. Unlimited Adventure!

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