Past Meetup

March New Memeber Weekday Meetup


We aim to have a "new" member meetup every two months in different locations around the county. If you are new to the group, have been in the group for a while and haven't been out to anything, or are an old hand wanting to make new friends; come on out for an evening that's always fun and full of happy faces.

For March, we'll be meeting at Du-Par's in Point Loma. It's a 24-hour diner, so their food is fine, but don't expect haute cuisine. They do, however, have pie, which makes up for everything, right? There's a parking lot attached to the restaurant, and plenty of street parking nearby, so there's nothing to worry about on that score. If you are coming from points east (along the 8 corridor) and need a ride, give me a holler and I should be able to pick you up. If you need a ride from elsewhere, we can probably arrange carpooling options.

Since this is a "getting to know you" type event, we want to get to know YOU. We're all sure your husband, children, dogs, and fish are lovely, but it's best to leave them at home so everyone has an opportunity to chat with you. You are welcome to bring other women who may be interested in joining our group.

Since we will be a large group, please try to bring cash to settle up the bill. Most places can split if you have a card, but cash is much easier generally.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!