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Geek Nite Out
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Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

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Event Location: Someplace in DC/Arlington – solve the puzzle to find out!

What can be a more geeky night out than spending an evening solving puzzles in a pub?
We'll join this month's Puzzled Pint event -- see www.puzzledpint.com

This free event works like this: Every second Tuesday of the month, people get will get together in a pub and solve puzzles! The previous Friday, a puzzle will be posted at www.puzzledpint.com. Solve this puzzle, and you'll be given the location where we'll meet the following Tuesday. On that day, we'll form into groups and spend the evening solving even more puzzles!

Some notes:
-- These are "puzzle hunt" style puzzles, which have an interesting style of their own. If you are new to this kind of puzzle, DON'T PANIC when you first see the location puzzle, and don't hesitate to get hints. After all, the point is to have fun, not be frustrated!
-- Also, for new people, a basic guide is available here: http://www.puzzledpint.com/files/3513/8254/7894/2013_10_22_Puzzling_Basics_Infographic.pdf
-- Note that this event isn’t hosted by GNO, but by Puzzled Pint. Feel free to post here to form groups etc, but don’t expect the kind Puzzled Pint Organizers to have read any messages here.
-- If people come late, they can either form their own group, or join a pre-existing group. However, since the event is designed for groups of 3 or 4 people, forming a new group will probably work out better. The 7:00 time is just when they start handing out the puzzles -- if your group wants to start later, that'll be fine.

There is also a Puzzled Pint somewhere in in Fairfax County on the same night, if that's more convenient for you.