What we're about

For geeks, by geeks. GeekOut South-West is a Geek social group based in Bristol, UK. Looking to meet fellow geeks over a pint, or a meal in pubs and other venues of choice. Events, trips, new friends and geekery abound, GeekOut South-West is looking to meet you!

We're a Social Group


GeekOut started off in Bristol and since inception, people across the UK have been contacting us via email (geekoutsw@gmail.com) and asking how we got started off. The honest, but hard answer is: We just begun. Someone needs the drive to organise a group to be formed... And thankfully, I stuck it out, through the low initial numbers to the massive collection of amazing geeks we have today.

We get together once a month as a collection of really nice, friendly people... And we share our geekdoms with one another and indeed others who come to the pub. From board games to comics, cosplay to video games, literature to technology - If it's geeky, we're interested!

We're a Website

We believe in making a difference to geek culture, not just here in Bristol, but across the UK and indeed the world. Every day, there's a new article on something within geek culture, as well as information about our meetups, our competitions and more.

The website is managed by myself, Timlah and a guy called Joel who lives up in Shropshire. You can get in contact with both of us via the website and social media, as well as email (geekoutsw@gmail.com). We receive regular articles from our very own Chris Lock as well - So please check us out. We're an honest trio who want to expand and make this a bigger, better platform for everyone.

Like Us? :)

Want to follow what we have to say on the geekout website? geekoutsw.com (http://www.geekoutsw.com) for the blog as well as links to the Facebook (http://facebook.com/geekoutsouthwest) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/GeekOutSW) page.

Come join in the discussion!

Wanna get in contact? Email: GeekOutSW@gmail.com for information about our meetups.

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