Geek proudly and geek visibily! Let's talk geek in a pub!

This is a past event

18 people went


We're starting this one at The Bag of Nails, as per a suggestion we had previously. I've never been there, but I'll be doing what I did in the last pub meet, which is bringing along the "Meetup" sign - Which seemingly helped!

In this meet up, we can discuss anything and everything geek once again, but also how we can expand our geek group even further! The fact we have so many proud geeks here is most humbling... But we can do better, South-West of England! I promise, if we get the turn out we did last time, I'll have those tables set up in a shape that isn't a U shape! How did that ever happen!?

I realise this is the bank holiday weekend, which means this will either be a great day for a pub meet, or a terrible day for one, depending if you're the type who is a holiday go getter.

For the new members: Talking geek isn't necessarily electronics, or video games. In our last session, we touched upon nearly everything: upcoming books from two of our lovely members; star wars; video games; movies; sci-fi; fantasy; music - Basically, everything! The one thing that stood out: Everyone is passionate about what they geek out about.

We might never have the same ideas as one another, but to share ideas, hobbies and passions in a relaxed setting - It's why we're geeks. We're collaborative people and we can learn a thing or two from one another.

The night will end whenever you have had enough! Last time, the last of us left for home at 2am. Wow!