Bristol, B7

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Jul 19, 2014


Hello~ I love battenburg milkshakes, a good gaming session with friends (currently addicted to Warframe) and a good glomp. ^_^

What is your biggest passion?

Where to start? I love the following genres... Sci fi, horror, thriller, psychological, supernatural, action AND things that are cute. I'm open to any good suggestions of Mangas and Anime when I have time for them! Itching to download and watch ALL the Parasyte anime! I've been in love with that old manga for years! I can't believe they're now making an anime of it! <3 I love shooting zombies, hula hooping, catching pokemon and cosplaying =) Lately I am totally smitten with Warframe, Battleblock theatre, CastleCrashers and Sam and Max! Other things I'm interested in include human biology, nail art, hairdressing, Mythology of different cultures, FOOD and FOOD and FOOD!!!!