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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet - March 29th: March At The Movies
• What we'll do 18+ event Who’s ready to go again? Oh, and happy anniversary to GeekOut Shrewbury! To celebrate we’re going to be doing much the same as we did last month, but better, because we’ve always gotten better. ----------------------- PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday (Poll pending) ----------------------- A quick stop off for a brew, maybe some cake, possibly an early lunch, maybe some Magic, a bit of light gaming before we dig into the real meat of the day. Keep an eye on the GeekOut South-West Facebook for the poll to choose our venue. PLEASE only vote in the poll if you intend to be there, or if you plan to go to the pre-meet and don’t want to vote please comment so that I can warn the venue if we have similar numbers to last month’s incredible early turn out. ----------------------- MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight ----------------------- Board games and simply superb company in a welcoming environment with good food at reasonable prices; we reconvene at Monty’s Tower for the monthly geekery. Here’s what’s on the cards for this month: - ----------------------- THE BIG GEEK PUB QUIZ – MOVIE MONTH (19:30) ----------------------- In the absence of a red carpet or anything else particularly film oriented all of our questions will be film focussed. No literature, anime, gaming or comic categories, instead expect films based on books, manga, comic-books and video ga- oh hang on a minute… Swat up on your films, bust out the DVDs and the Netflix account, and trawl IMdb until you know things that will be useless in any other situation! There are disappointing prizes to be had for the top three quiz teams, and a real let-down for the winners. ----------------------- A NEW TOY ----------------------- So you know that projector? No promises, but there is a laptop! This month we play around to try and get it working, and if it does then we will have a little light video gaming on the big screen. I have Worms (the video game, not the parasite) ready and waiting to go. ----------------------- BOARD GAMES ----------------------- The games library is back to normal, somewhat less tentacular than last month’s Lovecraftian selection, the standards are back. On the list this month: - Braggart - Bucket of Doom - Cards Against Humanity - DC Deck Builder - Dungeon Roller - Eight Minute Empires - Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill - Fluxx (assorted) - Cthulhu Gloom - Love Letter - Magic: the Gathering - Munchkin - Rhino Hero - Tsuro - Welcome To The Dungeon - Werewolf - Zombie Dice ----------------------- OTHER GOINGS ON ----------------------- I appear to have reached my character limit, for full details head to the Facebook page which enforces no such limits. • What to bring • Important to know

Montgomery's Tower

Lower Claremont Bank · Shrewsbury

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    For geeks, by geeks. GeekOut West-Midlands is a Geek social group based in Shrewsbury, UK. Looking to meet fellow geeks over a pint, or a meal in pubs and other venues of choice. Events, trips, new friends and geekery abound, GeekOut West-Midlands is looking to meet you!

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    GeekOut started off in Bristol and since inception, people across the UK have been contacting us via email and asking how we got started off. The honest, but hard answer is: We just begun. Someone needs the drive to organise a group to be formed... And thankfully, we stuck it out. Now we're bringing the GeekOut South-West spirit to the West-Midlands. We're about to get all of us to GeekOut together.

    We get together once a month as a collection of really nice, friendly people... And we share our geekdoms with one another and indeed others who come to the pub. From board games to comics, cosplay to video games, literature to technology - If it's geeky, we're interested!

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    The website is managed by Timlah, the West-Midlands branch of the GeekOut UK social is me, Joel. You can get in contact with both of us via the website and social media, as well as email. We're an honest bunch who want to expand and make this a bigger, better platform for everyone.

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