GeekOut Shrewsbury October!

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18+ event

It’s October, and while that could mean many things IT CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING! Hallowe’en, horror, ghouls and gourds, and GeekOut!

PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday
Who’s up for a quick brew and a couple of games of Magic? Maybe a round of Boss Monster? Keep an eye on the GeekOut Facebook page on the 19th for the poll to pick the pre-meet venue before we move on to Monty’s at 2PM.

UPDATE - The 12:00 premeet will be held in Sweet next to the train station.
MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight
The main meet at Monty’s, expect a strong horror theme to games and competitions, “competitions” plural! Two competitions! We eat, we drink, we game, and you (not me) have two shots at winning the coveted Disappointing Prize!



Our third Big Geek Pub Quiz will have a strong horror theme. Don’t panic, it won’t be all horror, so if you’re easily spooked or just not a fan you can expect plenty of “normal” questions, but no doubt that knowing your scary films, horror games, and creepy mythology you’ll have an advantage this month.

Bonus point for best* Hallowe’en themed team name.


Of course there’s a costume competition! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned cosplay veteran, or just dress up from time to time, if you show up in costume you are entered for a chance to win the second of our Disappointing Prizes. No theme required, show up as whatever you like.

The library of games is open for business and as ever filled with options, old games, new games, games that cannot strictly be classed as either because while new to some people, they are old to others:

- Arkham Horror
- Bucket of Doom
- Dungeon Roller
- Eight Minute Empires
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill
- Fluxx (assorted)
- Cthulhu Gloom
- Love Letter
- Magic: the Gathering
- Munchkin
- Tsuro
- Welcome To The Dungeon

- Werewolf
- Zombie Dice

GeekOut Shrewsbury Meets have only gotten better thanks to you. Give us your ideas and your feedback. Let us know what you want to see in future Meets so that we can keep getting better. Happy Hallowe’en, and see you at GeekOut.

*Read “terrible puns”