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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet - July 19th: Steampunk'd

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18+ event

By Jove! Such a shock I dropped my monocle, my moustache has broken free of its formative wax shell.
Don a waistcoat, bowler hat, lace, ruffles, goggles, brass gauntlets fed by glowing pipes, (Google Ral Zarek) and climb into my zeppelin! We’re going on an adventure to lands unknown, lands with economic equality, and magic coal that can produce any result desired. GeekOut Shrewsbury is getting Steampunk’d.
PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday (Poll pending)
Is it a milkshake thing? Every time I put a place with decent milkshakes up on the list you vote in your hordes. Expect the vote on 12th of July for the venue for pre-games gaming and a quick coffee. Unless this heatwave keeps up, in which case, more cold drinks.
EDIT - In accordance with the hastily altered vote, we will be at The Bear Steps Cafe at St Alkmonds Place
MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight
This month, to make up for the long wait you will have to endure to next GeekOut Shrewsbury – a whopping six weeks – this July will feature not one but TWO competitions! Which means twice the chances for a disappointing prize, along with the usual roster of fun and games.

I need to step up my game, some of you folks are starting to get wise to my quiz questions! Dig deep into that font of knowledge, because we are going to get weird with trivia. Teams of no more than three, feel free to try and solo the quiz but as yet no one has come close on their own.
Great Scott! Time to get some prep-work done, bust out the hot glue gun and the degree in weird-engineering, because we are competing in the field of innovation. Bring your best doodad, gizmo, or… something you had lying around the house you stuck some gears onto and called it Steam-Punk.
Pitch your invention to the judges (me, with different hats). There can be only one victor, because I’m only bringing one prize for this one. There might be ribbons. The ribbons… might have gears on them.
On the list this month:

- Braggart
- Bucket of Doom
- Cards Against Humanity
- Cthulhu Dice
- DC Deck Builder
- Dungeon Roller
- Eight Minute Empires
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill
- Fluxx (assorted)
- Great Scott!
- Love Letter
- Magic: the Gathering
- Rhino Hero
- Saboteur
- Steam Punk Munchkin (Steam Punchkin)
- Tsuro
- Welcome To The Dungeon
- Werewolf
- Zombie Dice
I am hereby looking for something thematic to add to my Steam library… or is playing games on Steam thematic enough? Short-form games, steampunk theme, suggestions welcome!