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GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet - January: The Frigid North

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18+ event

Still pretty cold out there, with none of the festive fun, and after six weeks of GeekOut drought, you guys have got to be feeling... "Left out in the cold"!
What? That's funny, I'm funny.
PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday (Poll pending)
Poll will be up on the Facebook discussion for a venue on the 24th of January, remember to vote or comment if you plan on joining us for some hot drinks and hot games! Please do not pre-heat your games.
EDIT - Shrewsbury Coffeehouse! See you there
MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight
Bring along those unplayed Christmas games, that's what we're here for. We'll help you break in the new dice, get rid of the early bad draws from the decks, and bombard you with questions about how your Christmas was.
And we're right back with a new chance for you to win a disappointing prize!
Game of Thrones, and Scotland, we built walls to keep out the North everywhere we go (saying nothing about why Mexico might actually pay to have a wall built... moving on).
But at GeekOut we're all about tearing down walls and rampaging through the civilisations below!
We're doing Jenga, it's a Jenga bracket. Play Jenga, lose, get knocked out, no pillaging for you today, no sir. The top 3 winners win their disappointing prizes, with a special let down for the top place.
Some of you were curious, some of you wanted to try it out for yourselves, so why not? I'll be bringing back the resolutions box and squirrelling it away for another eleven months. Remember though:
Keep It Geeky! We're not looking for commitments to stop chewing your nails to the wrist, or finally burying the bodies. Is there a game you never finished? A book you've been meaning to read? Pledge to it with us, so we can judge you in December.
On the list this month, the games library will include, but is not limited to:

- Braggart
- Bucket of Doom
- Cards Against Humanity
- Cthulhu Dice
- DC Deck Builder
- Dungeon Roller
- Eight Minute Empires
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill
- Fluxx (assorted)
- Kingdomino
- Love Letter
- Magic: the Gathering
- Munchkin
- One Night Revolution
- Rhino Hero
- Saboteur
- Tsuro
- Welcome To The Dungeon
- Werewolf
- Zombie Dice

More games might appear.
Y'know what, I've got a few games I haven't played yet. I'm a little curious about The Human Resource Machine, Away, and Owl Watch, might just play this for the hell of it. All are welcome to watch me make a fool of myself, and you're welcome to come and do the same.
Cosplay is behaviour we condone and encourage at GeekOut events, and remember the more you cosplay the more often others will be encouraged to do so.