GeekOut Shrewsbury Meet - March: Vidya Games

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18+ event

Two years on, GeekOut Shrewsbury the 25th, and we are going to our roots with the vidya gamingest event we've run so far. Even the board games and competition will be vidya based... kind of...
PRE-MEET 12:00 Midday (Poll pending)
Voting begins on the 21st for where to get caffeinated between 12 and 2, remember to vote or comment if you plan to be with us that early in the afternoon.

EDIT: Taste of Shrewsbury on Mardol! See you there before 2
MAIN EVENT: 14:00 - Midnight
Let's get down and nerdy. Monty's Tower, VIP section, because we are the most I of Ps, V much so.
Video gaming is the order of the day, but it's a theme, not a prescription, the rest of the board game library will be present alongside the laptop, onto which I plan to install The Guild of Dungeoneering amongst other things.
A brave and valiant knight surveys the field of battle, a warground of sixty-four spaces in black and white, sixteen of which are booby-trapped by the duplicitous enemy. He must navigate his way around, finding those spaces so that the bombs can be defused and war can be commenced safely.
It's Minesweeper on a chessboard and you've got to take knight's-moves to find the mines. Good luck! There are prizes.
On the list this month, the games library will include, but is not limited to:

- Braggart
- Boss Monster 1 & 2 which might turn into a tournament of some kind
- Bucket of Doom
- Cards Against Humanity
- Cthulhu Dice
- DC Deck Builder
- Dungeon Roller
- Eight Minute Empires
- Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards 2 Rumble at Castle Tentakill
- Fluxx (assorted)
- Kingdomino
- Love Letter
- Magic: the Gathering
- Munchkin
- One Night Revolution
- Rhino Hero
- Saboteur
- Tsuro
- Welcome To The Dungeon
- Werewolf
- Zombie Dice

More games might appear.
WE'RE GOING TO DO THIS PROPERLY I'm thinking worms, I'm not sorry, I like worms, we always have fun however, I'm thinking we won't hook it up to the projector this time because we leave it alone for too long and it switches over to the news, and that's just sad.
We'll make a video gaming corner, hook up to the mains, make a day of it.
Cosplay is behaviour we condone and encourage at GeekOut events, and remember the more you cosplay the more often others will be encouraged to do so.