• The 2019 Language & Tech / NLP Series : [Part 1] Designing for Voice

    We're jointly holding this event with MN New Tech on language applications, featuring a Geek for Good building software applications to help children build character skills with cuddly plush software. We'll begin with 30 minutes of networking time, before our guests begin. First, our moderator and Meetup organizer, Dr. Muhammad I. Abdurrahman, Linguistics professor, serial tech entrepreneur, cofounder of Sprechsoft Consulting, and Managing Founder & CEO of Clutch, Inc [www.ClutchSOS.com] will open with a discussion on the long way voice tech has come, and how the short comings of voice interaction applications led him to invent the Reemo smartwatch, and found Reemo Health a senior care company partnered with Samsung and Microsoft. Next, there will be a brief presentation of the kinds of linguisitc complexities inherent in designing applications for voice by U of M professor Ellen Lucast. Then, we'll have our main presentation by recent Minnedemo alumnus, DeLonn Crosby, the founder of Educharacter [https://educharacter.com/]. He'll be sharing the hard fought lessons on voice design, ones he never saw in tutorials or presentations but had to learn from the front lines, developing market ready applications for some of the most fickle consumers, Children, with his smart plush doll. Parents have called it a "child's first computer", just in time for the holidays! Finally, Dr. Muhammad Abdurrahman will moderate a panel with all of our guests to answer questions from members about designing voice applications. Don's miss this last event of 2018 and will be held jointly with Geeks for Good, and MN-Software Engineers! Presenter Roster: Muhammad I. Abdurrahman PhD: www.LinkedIn.com/in/muhammadscript Ellen Lucast, PhD: www.LinkedIn.com/in/ellen-lucast-phd DeLonn Crosby: www.LinkedIn.com/in/delonncrosby

  • Building The Right Funnels Into Your Website | It Is Your First Impression

    It's time to meet. In this get together, we'll have a presentation by Kim Albee, President and Founder at Genoo, that will kick off the conversation about designing the right funnels into your website -- and how to think about designing a site that is more than a brochure; a site that generates action and engagement with visitors -- turning more of them into leads. This is a great opportunity to learn how to build in marketing in impact projects, so they can achieve their greatest impact. Come ready to engage and discuss. https://www.genoo.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimalbee

  • Geeks for Good Hackathon

    WeWork Capella Tower

  • Crowdsourcing Public Policy

    WeWork Capella Tower

    Josh Pauly, Founder of People Sourced Policy, will speak on tech's role and his work enabling interstate state efforts to enable greater participation in the political process. People Sourced Policy received 2nd place in the CodeSwitch Hackathon last month. We will also have an update on the Geeks for Good's representation at last month's civic hackathon, CodeSwitch, and the resulting Geeks for Good Website Project which took 3rd place. Refreshments will be provided Location: WeWork - 39th Floor of Capella Tower in Downtown Minneapolis Agenda: 6:00 - 6:15 PM: Networking 6:15 - 6:30 PM: Short Recap of last month's Codeswitch Hackathon and Geeks for Good 6:30 - 7:15 PM: Presentation by Josh Pauly of Founder of People Sourced Policy and Executive director of Books on Wings 7:15-7:30 PM Networking and Wrap Up Information about the Guest Speaker: Josh Pauly Executive Director of Books on Wings and Founder of PeopleSourced Policy View Josh’s profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-pauly-147b2436/) Josh Pauly is currently the executive director of Books on Wings, and the founder/executive director of PeopleSourced Policy. The past three years he taught social studies and AVID classes for Minneapolis Public Schools at Sanford Middle School. He is a member of Civic Caucus, and an ambassador for the Islamic Resource Group. He received a Bachelors degree in History and a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota. PeopleSourced Policy is a nonpartisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization. Its mission is to increase equitable community engagement in the local political process via crowdsourcing and gamifying public policy solutions to make it more approachable. Together with Glasshouse Policy in Austin, TX- they've developed policy games around transit development, city planning, and community budgeting. We use these in local communities (Minneapolis Ward 12, St. Paul Ward 3, Standish-Ericsson neighborhood, West 7th neighborhood, etc.) to educate and engage around policy issues affecting them. We also develop K-12 STEM and social studies curriculum, currently in five schools across the greater metro area. Below are links to our website, my appearance on Almanac, and an interview with Civic Caucus to provide more background information. I've also attached a short intro document. Links: People Sourced Policy Website: http://peoplesourcedpolicy.org/ Josh's Interview with Civic Caucus: http://civiccaucus.org/Interviews/Pauly-Josh_06-23-17.htm TPT Almanac Segment: http://video.tpt.org/video/3002834707/

  • Code Switch Hackathon

    Union Depot

    IMPORTANT: Please register for this event on EventBrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/codeswitch-2017-registration-37394572172?aff=ehomecard). Code Switch is a free, two-day civic hackathon in which community members, designers, project managers, programmers, and people who just want to learn, collaborate intensively on projects that change our community. This hackathon is atypical because it is welcome for techies AND non-techies: from developers to entrepreneurs, artists, educators, business professionals, everyday people and more! You will join other people on a team to come up with an idea on a web or mobile app that helps solve a pressing problem in your community. In addition to the hackathon itself, there will be opportunities for those who want to learn more about using open data or writing code. This is a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with civic minded people around meaningful projects. Learn more about this event at codeswitch.mn (http://www.codeswitch.mn), register on EventBrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/codeswitch-2017-registration-37394572172?aff=ehomecard), or sign-up to volunteer (http://codeswitch.mn/call-for-volunteers/).

  • CoCreateX Tour and Discussion of our Upcoming Activities/Events

    Location visible to members

    Agenda 6:00 Arrive and break into Sub-Groups 6:10 Discussion on ways we'd like to make a difference, events and activities 6:50 Map key areas and activities of focus 7:20 Tour CoCreateX House 7:45 Networking and Wrap-Up We'll introduce ourselves and discuss the kinds of activities and events that we'd most like to attend and be a part of as self-identified Geeks for Good (http://www.GeeksForGood.IO). We'll also take a tour of the CoCreateX house a hacker-space dedicated to enabling people to realize their creative dreams through a supportive and innovative community. It has lots of tools for building whatever you want to build. Learn more about CoCreateX here: https://cocreatex.com