Past Meetup

Creation of a new Legend of the Five Rings Game

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Since the destruction of the Owod game destroyed itself because of people leaving. I have been contemplating starting another game. I am done with contemplation and have decided that L5R is what i would like to do.

What is L5R?

L5R or Legend of the Five Rings is a roleplaying game based in a feudal Japan-like setting. Although there are also some Medieval Chinese influences as well.

Dice and Mechanics: This game has a roll and keep mechanic where you add up numbers to determine if you hit the DC.

Character Creation: This is simple game for character creation and we will be rolling (creating characters on the same night as beginning)

Style of game: This is a highly political game, where you will be playing pawns that will eventually be knights and maybe one day will be kings and queens.

The actual game start: Your characters will be students at your respective Dojos who are going to be gathering at a training conference in Ryoko Owari, the city of Stories. You are the very best in your schools and you have been given the chance to train with schools all across the land.

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