Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League (Tier 1, chars level 1-4) @ 3 Kingdoms!

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Geekz United
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Three Kingdoms Games Toronto

172 Eglinton Ave E · Toronto, ON

How to find us

Ask for Will or Spencer at the counter (not Gary). Staff will direct you to the games!

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Okay Adventurers it's time to play some D&D!

Geekz United is proud to present a weekly Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer's League event.

We'll be hosting this event at Three Kingdoms Toronto location, near Yonge and Eglington every Thursday.

There are two separate Meetups for this event as we'll be running tables for both Tier 1 and Tier 2.

This Meetup is for newer adventurers, and will be running lower-level adventures (Tier 1 - for characters levels 1-4).

What's D&D Adventurer's League (DDAL)?

It's the official "organized play" league for 5th edition Dungeon's & Dragons. Basically stores all over the world run DDAL games, and you can take your character to any of them and have the same great experience.

Here's a starter kit with everything you need to build your character and get started:

If you're looking for a quick guide to build your character, there's also a series of video tutorials here:

But if this all seems like too much, don't worry, we're here to help. We'll have ready-made characters you can try out, quick lessons on how to play and you might even be able to borrow some of those funny dice we use if you want to "try before you buy".

This venue has a cover charge of $5 per player; full disclosure, $1 from each cover charge goes back to the DM of the table as store credit. We channel the money back in to the adventures.

Although the venue does have a small selection of candy, chips and drinks (which we encourage you to buy to support out hosts), outside food is allowed at this venue so feel free to grab dinner from one of the many nearby restaurants and bring it with you.