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Join me in an exploration of gemstone alchemy and the power of the stones to empower your energy, goals and vision.

I am a gemstone empath and have learned that while each stone has specific properties, by combining the stones they create an alchemy in which the benefits far exceed the sum of the parts.

Anyone can open a book and read about the stones, but I will teach you how to go deeper and discover what the stones can do for you. We are each unique, and one size doesn't fit all.

Come play with me and learn to understand the stones from a new perspective...how they interact with your energy, body, emotions, mind and spirit. We'll work with stones alone and/or in combination and learn to determine what you need at any given time from a place of enhanced intuition and understanding of how they are affecting you.

Included in this are some techniques that you can easily use to make decisions based on the responses of your higher-self/guidance...it takes the guess work out and you actually get a clear sense of how options or choices, gemstones, other substances, even foods may affect you on several different levels. It extremely empowering.

As the group grows, I'd love to open it up for others to bring their expertise as well.

See my website for more info (http://www.gemstoneAlchemy.com)

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Gemstone Alchemy - Explore the Power of the Stones

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Gemstone Mediation - with AnnaMariah

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Join me - I'm speaking at RaSani Fair in Albany Or -

RaSani Fair - Linn country Fair Grounds

Exhibiting RaSani Fair in Albany Or - Saturday and Sunday 10-5

RaSani Fair - Linn country Fair Grounds

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