What we're about

This will be a monthly gathering of genuine females throughout Connecticut! It's an opportunity for women of all ages to have open and honest conversations over coffee, tea, and cafe treats! We'll have the ability to be vulnerable, support one another, and have empathy for one another.

There's something about connecting in person that's completely lacking when we connect digitally. A lot of people today, myself included, say "I'm fine" or "I've been busy" as a way to say we're okay but not bring up what's really going on. This will be that space where we can comfortably be open about our lives without fear of judgment. Maybe we can even offer each other advice from our own experiences or from others' experiences in our lives.

Past events (3)

August Meetup!

The Bom Bay Cafe

July Meetup!

Three Bridges Coffeehouse

June Meetup!

Three Bridges Coffeehouse