• Social Media Strategy Mapping

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***This is a paid workshop, register at https://ga.co/330hUsa About This Workshop: Social media initiatives don’t start when you register a Facebook or Twitter account and start posting announcements, it begins much sooner. In this workshop, you’ll be taken through a 6-step methodology that will help guide your efforts to develop an actionable social media strategy. You’ll learn how to structure your social media efforts, deploy your resources, and ultimately launch a social media campaign that is professional and provides results you’ll be able to interpret and understand. Takeaways: -Learn how to develop and implement a social media strategy. -Create an elevator pitch that clearly defines your brand, audience, and key differentiator. -Define and track the KPIs most relevant to your business. -Describe the difference between major social media platforms. -Identify which platforms to use for your business. Explain the difference between publishing, listening, and reporting tools. -Create a weekly content calendar for your business. Preparation: None! Please bring a laptop to class, along with a notepad and pen. ***This is a paid workshop, register at https://ga.co/330hUsa

  • Rise Above the Crowd: Mobile App Publishing & Marketing Pro Tips

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***This is a paid workshop, register at https://ga.co/2K9A6Z8 About This Class: The mobile game market is a crowded space. Consumers have hundreds of apps to browse across the Apple iTunes and Google Play store. How does someone with a clever idea, great graphics, and satisfying app design go about publishing and promoting their product? -Learn pro tips about how to organize and implement a game producing plan, as well as the basics of a marketing and social media plan for an independent app design. -Learn a brief history of the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, and what early techniques for design, coding, and marketing an app were valid from the beginning and in some cases are valid to this day! -Participate in a fun, in-class exercise to design the first few mock-up screens for an app or game. Storyboard supplies will be provided. -Deliver a short ‘elevator pitch’ about your app or game idea and get some immediate feedback from the instructor and their classmates about the idea for what works well and what could use some additional thought. (optional) Takeaways: -You’ll learn the basics of the step-by-step process of publishing on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store -We will discuss techniques for the ‘monetization’ of games and other apps, and how other small and large publishers are attempting to make money from the buying public -You’ll gain a historical perspective of how the App Store has evolved, as-well-as some game industry-specific history that goes back as far as the introduction of the Commodore 64 back in 1983 -We will discuss the basic economics of what it costs to conceive of, design, and code various types of apps -We will cover some predictions of the direction that apps (specifically through the lens of ‘games’) in the near and mid-range future -You’ll learn some of the successes, and the potential major failures, of producing and publishing a game in today’s economy Preparation: Bring one app or game idea with you that you would feel comfortable pitching to the class in one or two sentences (elevator pitch) Bring pen and paper, computer, or tablet for notes Note: We will provide some blank ‘blueline’ graph paper for an in-class app design exercise as well ***This is a paid workshop, register at https://ga.co/2K9A6Z8

  • Ladies Get Coffee

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***THIS IS A FREE EVENT, register at https://ga.co/2G0GCPt About This Event: What better way to start your day than with pastries, coffee, and rad ladies? Join Ladies Get Paid for a monthly meet up at General Assembly! Ladies Get Paid has joined forces with General Assembly to host a monthly meet up and provide the fuel — aka caffeine and treats. YUM! Feel free to bring a plus-one—the more the merrier! Female-identifying and non-binary folks are welcome. Follow them on Instagram @ladiesgetpaid. Preparation: Be ready to network! ***THIS IS A FREE EVENT, register at https://ga.co/2G0GCPt

  • User Experience Design Bootcamp

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***This is a paid Bootcamp, register at https://ga.co/2MAdwds About This Workshop: As technology changes and more media outlets compete for customers’ time, providing an enjoyable experience is critical to both attracting and keeping users. This class aims to demystify UX by giving a practical and simple introduction to what UX is while also explaining some of its core concepts of usability. This is a field that affects all areas of business — prepare to dip your toes into an ocean of new concepts and ideas that will enlighten your perspective on the human-computer interaction experience. Takeaways: -Practice the design thinking methods and strategies that lead to successful products. -Understand how UX fits into your team's workflow. -Gain knowledge of the terminology of UX Design along with useful tips and resources (i.e. How to become a UX Designer). -Hands-on exercises including research, scenarios, personas, card sorting, user flows, prototyping, and user testing. -Practice your collaboration, brainstorming, and sketching skills. Preparation: Bring your laptop & cell phone ***This is a paid Bootcamp, register at https://ga.co/2MAdwds

  • More than Just M & F: Supporting Transgender People in the Workplace

    **This is a free class, register at https://ga.co/2YasOfc About This Class This workshop will dive into gender inclusivity in your workplace and in your daily life. We will start with defining common terms used around gender equity, explore simple steps to move your workplace to a more inclusive atmosphere, and dig into the results of creating a welcoming space. If you have been thinking more about how to be ally for transgender and gender diverse people, but aren’t sure what steps to take, this workshop is for you. No matter where you are in your understanding of the complexity of gender and how it impacts workplace culture, this will be a welcoming space to ask questions and grow together. Takeaways -How to be a trans ally: steps to promote greater inclusivity -Understand gender diverse terms: non-binary, genderqueer, transgender -Know your boundaries: understand what is (or isn’t) any of your business -Learn about the challenges gender diverse people face in the workplace -Learn how to respectfully address pronouns About Our Partners: GSBA Established in 1981, GSBA is Washington State's LGBTQ and allied chamber of commerce and is the largest of its kind in North America. We represent over 1,300 small business, corporate, and nonprofit members who share the values of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. GSBA proudly serves as a connector across the region, bringing the community together through business while advocating for civil rights and small business, promoting LGBTQ tourism through Travel Out Seattle, and investing in the next generation of leaders through the GSBA Scholarship Fund. **This is a free class, register at https://ga.co/2YasOfc

  • Intro to Crowdfunding

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***This is a free event register at https://ga.co/2YY0eeg About This Event By now most people have heard about Kickstarter, and some are becoming familiar with the next-largest crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. In this introduction to crowdfunding we will discuss what types of crowdfunding are out there, and the advantages and disadvantages of which one(s) you may choose to use. We will also review other, more ‘philanthropic’ platforms like GoFundMe and Patreon, which can be used by creatives, and for nonprofit causes. Beyond the basics: We will show you the structure of a good campaign, explain why a crowdfunded product or idea is not “all about the money,” and teach you about the big red “X”es of what not to do on a crowdfunding campaign. You will also be shown a set of tools which can be used to design and track your campaign. At the end of the class we will have a quick ‘pitch session’ for class-members who want to share, and test the strengths (and discover the weaknesses) about their campaign ideas. “Crowdfunding 101” also serves as a great segue to our “Interactive Workshop: Crowdfunding in Action” for anyone who wants to take their ideas even further, and/or dive more deeply into the nuts-and-bolts of a successful campaign. During that optional weekend workshop you will be given the custom template set for campaign design and tracking that you can use on your own. Takeaways -You will learn which crowdfunding platform is right for which sort of product or cause you want to pursue -You’ll learn the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’ about building a crowdfunding campaign -You will get a peek under the hood in how to use a strong set of campaign tools to implement and track a great campaign -You’ll have an excellent understanding of ‘how much it costs’ and what you can expect a campaign to net for your project -You’ll have the tools to decide “What next?” about possibly running your own crowdfunding campaign! Preparation: -Noodle on an invention or product design idea that you can bring to share in class (optional) -Think of what type of crowdfunding platform might interest you most (commercial, philanthropic, music, social cause, etc.) -Bring pen and paper, computer, or tablet for notes ***This is a free event register at https://ga.co/2YY0eeg

  • The Game-Changing Guide to Fundraising for Your Startup

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***Register at https://ga.co/2LgjLmb Are you a founder who wants to raise capital to grow your company? Do you want to enter negotiations with greater authority and confidence, like the boss you are? Do you want to feel empowered to raise capital your way, partnering with investors whose portfolio and practices align with your mission and values? If that sounds like you, you’re going to love this highly tactical workshop! Takeaways Assumptions, attributions and the foundation of a fundraising mentality Schedule, structure and the powerful role of process and timelines Kicking off the process and building an investor cohort Materials preparation and building a comprehensive investor package Contingencies - Your minimum viable raise Communications and engagement for a capital network around your business Navigating due diligence and investor questions - turning around unconscious bias Commitments, and close. This unique workshop is an invaluable resource for founders, especially those who have not traditionally had access to capital. You’ll learn how to conduct an efficient and effective early-stage capital raise, and gather powerful insights and strategies that address some of the less talked about obstacles associated with a raise process. These include power dynamics, unconscious bias and founders experience of intimidation and apprehension approaching what often feels like a black box of a task. Attendees will gain confidence, competence, and capability in leading their raise and tapping into critical networks around their business. Agenda 6:00pm-6:30pm - Check-in and Networking 6:30pm-8:00pm - Presentation + Q&A ***Register at https://ga.co/2LgjLmb

  • Data Analytics Bootcamp

    General Assembly Seattle

    This is a paid workshop, please register at https://ga.co/2Ku7B7p About This Workshop: Data drives decisions; are you part of the conversation around data? Regardless of your industry or role, fluency in the language of data analytics will allow you to contribute to data driven decision making. This bootcamp will put you in the driver’s seat to understand, analyze, and interpret data so you can join the data conversation. We will run through a complete analytical workflow from collecting, cleaning, analyzing and presenting insights from data sets big and small so that you leave the bootcamp ready to address business problems and communicate solutions based on unique insights. We will explore basic and advanced Excel functionality and discuss steps to take to advance your analyzing skills. Takeaways: -Create quality data questions based on unique organizational challenges -Explore Excel as a data analysis platform -Apply advanced analysis techniques in Excel to identify insights and create visualizations to address organizational challenges -Answer data questions and address needs of your audience through presentations of insights and consolidated reports of data points Preparation: This bootcamp is for professionals who want to learn high-level analytics techniques, which they will apply to a basic data-based project using Excel. The class is very interactive, so incoming participants should have novice-level familiarity with Excel. What to bring to class: All participants must bring their own laptops to class and have Excel installed. You can download a free trial of Excel here. This is a paid workshop, please register at https://ga.co/2Ku7B7p

  • Python for Data Science

    General Assembly Seattle

    Please register at https://ga.co/2YHVcli About This Workshop: Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language with many applications. This workshop explores Python's place in the scientific ecosystem, and how the language, with several readily-available open-source libraries, can serve as a powerful tool for data analysis. Designed as a stand-alone introduction to the data science aspects of Python, this class is also a recommended preparatory workshop for participants planning to enroll in General Assembly's Data Science workshop. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: -Use pandas to perform data analysis -Use matplotlib to make visualizations of the data -Sci-kit learn to generate a statistical model of the data Takeaways: -Ability to use Python for basic data analysis tasks (data cleaning and reformatting, exploration, analysis) -Understanding of Python’s role as a tool in the backend and analysis toolkits -Understanding of the possibilities opened up through a better understanding of Python -Greater preparedness for GA's Data Science workshop Preparation: Please bring a laptop with Anaconda installed. Please register at https://ga.co/2YHVcli

  • Marketing BS with Edward Nevraumont

    Coterie Worklounge

    ***Register at https://ga.co/2ZJybPK About This Event This event series will help simplify your business — and your job. Each month, host Edward Nevraumont will cover a different marketing function or tactic and show, with humor and topical examples, why it’s generally a waste of time. He’ll then explain what really works. Every month Edward will be joined by a local business leader who will share their take on the monthly “Marketing BS” topic. September featured guest: Mark Britton, Founder/Former CEO Avvo September Topic: Monetization This month we will cover monetization, and how it is kind of everything. We will look at Expedia vs Yelp, how to capture value, why you aren't charging enough, bad price points, welcome programs, humans, exhaust, and why marketing is not marketing. Agenda: 6:00pm: Check-in, networking, feel free to grab a drink at the Coterie Bar 6:30pm: Program and Q&A 7:30pm: Networking ***Register at https://ga.co/2ZJybPK

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Workshop

    General Assembly Seattle

    ***THIS IS A PAID WORKSHOP, register via https://ga.co/2MXuMeF The last decade has seen blockchain technology grow from an anarchic financial experiment to a global engine for organizational and societal revolution. During this workshop, we will chart the path from pre-Bitcoin computer science breakthroughs to Bitcoin and the rise of alternative currencies that challenge the way we think about money, through Ethereum and the rise of smart contracts, arriving at the present day explosion of tokens, enterprise networks, and decentralized applications. Topics we will cover: Explore the history of digital cash and blockchain technology Explain the technology that make blockchains possible Examine exciting new decentralized applications that use blockchain technology to change the world. Whether you are a developer building for the future of the Internet or a curious enthusiast making sense of the hype, this session will help you understand why blockchain technology just might be the next great coordinating tool for humanity. This class is designed for anyone without prior knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Takeaways Ability to understand how Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain implementations work under the hood Understand what smart contracts are and be able to conceptualize smart contract applications, otherwise known as decentralized applications (Dapps) Know what it takes to release an initial coin offering (ICO) on the Ethereum network Preparation Students should be familiar with the basic functions of their computer, but no previous experience in data analysis or Google Sheets is required. A laptop is required for this workshop. Access to Google Sheets. (If you do not have access, create a Google account.) Students should have some basic technical aptitude, orientation to computers, and the curiosity to learn new tools. ***THIS IS A PAID WORKSHOP, register via https://ga.co/2MXuMeF