• Grokking Monads More in C# (Part 2)

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    "Grokking Monads More in C# (Part 2)" with Atif Aziz

    This is a continuation of the "Grokking Monads in C#" talk that Atif delivered almost 6 months ago. In this second part, he will go over a quick summary of what we learned in the first part and then dive straight into practical examples. You will learn how to see monads just about everywhere and how to encode the pattern by following simple, mechanical and brainless steps.

  • Special Ks! Intro to distributed applications with Akka.Net and Kafka

    Special Ks! Intro to distributed applications with Akka.Net and Kafka with Roberto Vespa

    After the intro talk about Akka.Net from a couple of years ago, this is a long due follow up discussion about how Akka.Net can be used to build distributed system able to leverage modern infrastructures, even for “simple” business applications. After a quick refresher around actor systems and Akka.Net basics, we’ll see how an Akka.Net cluster is setup, how it behaves and which mechanisms are used to route messages. There will also be a small intro to Kafka in order to illustrate what it brings to the table when dealing with distributed systems, and how to use it along with Akka.Net. We’ll be spending most of the time looking at code and running demos, so it should not be too boring!

    About speaker

    I’m Roberto Vespa (aka: wasp) and I've been working in Information Technology area since 1995. I've been consulting on several different projects and for many customers, and I've been working in Switzerland since 2011.
    Computer Science and IT are evolving faster and faster, and I think that being curious about the landscape is crucial in order to do a good job in such an area. I love to learn new things and then share them with people as curious as me.

  • What's new in C# 8

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    "What's new in C# 8" with Andrei Iepure

    C# 8 was released on the 23rd of September, together with .NET Core 3.0. We will go through the new languages features which were added in C# 8, explaining why they are useful and doing a demo for each.
    At the end, we'll do a deeper dive into the nullable reference types feature. Microsoft recommends to adopt this feature before the release of .NET 5, so we'll talk about possible migration pain-points.

  • Grokking Monads in C#

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    "Grokking Monads in C#" with Atif Aziz

    It is said that monads are viral, in code and in mind. The moment you get the bug, you feel compelled to spread it. It's an infectious idea that many have attempted to decipher to others. Some fail completely and yet others succeed in confusing at best. Einstein once said, “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” Atif has decided to take that Einstein challenge! You don't have be 6 but he believes he can explain monads simply and in a very practical way that hopefully will make a difference to the way you think and code in C# everyday. You'll become a better programmer so come and join the fun in an all-code talk that's free of theory and full of practical application.

    Big thanks to our sponsors, Qim info, for helping us organize this event

  • Demystifying databases by building one

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    "Demystifying databases by building one" with Duncan Mole

    Ever wondered exactly what an index is?
    What does clustered and non-clustered mean?
    How do constraints work?
    Why is bulk insert so fast?
    How do joins work?
    Whats the difference between a view and materialized view?
    What is a covered index?
    What is index fragmentation?
    What is an inverted index?

    We will touch on all these topics plus more as we take a tour through the mysterious land of the RDBMS.

    About speaker

    This talk will be given by Duncan Mole aka dunkymole. A programmer who doesnt know how to write bios: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncanmole/

    This meetup is organized with the help of "Qim info", our group's sponsor: https://www.qiminfo.ch/

  • Visual Studio 2019 local launch event

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    Join us on April 2 for the launch of Visual Studio 2019! The visual studio team broadcasts a "full day of awesome Visual Studio 2019 technical content to celebrate the launch and get you up to speed with all the new features."

    As usual, snacks and drinks will be offered by our sponsors.

    18:30 - Start streaming of keynote
    19:00 - Live streamed sessions with Q&A

    More to be announced soon!

    Official Links

  • gRPC: Remote Procedure Calls for Modern Services

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    "gRPC: Remote Procedure Calls for Modern Services" by Valeriu Caraulean

    gRPC is a modern, free and open source RPC framework for efficiently connecting (micro)services and applications. With pluggable support for load balancing, health-checking, authentication and it's extensibility model it's well suited for large Enterprise Applications as well as for cloud-native, large scale, distributed systems.

    In this talk we'll compare gRPC to JSON REST APIs, then walk through basic steps to create a multi-platform and multi-language service. In (almost) no time we'll go from service definition to wire protocols and then finish with a fully working service implementation. We'll discuss some technical implementation details and particularities of using gRPC with .NET Framework and share some insights from using the framework in a large-scale Enterprise application. At the desert we'll have a requiem for long forgotten CORBA & DCOM (if anyone even remembers their name) and their last off-springs, SOAP & WSDL (if everyone forgot the nightmares they brought).

    About speaker

    Valeriu is a passionate software engineer specialized on .NET Platform and Microsoft technologies, working for multinational company building a platform and tools for commodity trading business.

    This meetup is organized with the help of "Qim info", our group's sponsor: https://www.qiminfo.ch/

  • Application Security in ASP.NET Core with Damien Bowden

    Hepia. Salle A105

    This talk shows how authentication and authorization can be implemented for ASP.NET Core applications. Some of the different approaches when implementing these in SPAs, or ASP.NET Core MVC will be explained as well as the different OpenID Connect flows which should be used or can be used for these types of solutions.

    About the speaker: Damien is a web developer, architect and a Microsoft MVP for Development Technologies who loves to learn. He contributes regularly to open source projects on GitHub. He runs a very popular blog which focuses on ASP.NET Core, application security and Angular and co-runs the Swiss Angular group. https://damienbod.com twitter: @damien_bod

    As usual, there will be an apéro afterwards, generously offered by our sponsor Qim Info. See you there!

    HEPIA fineprint: "l'école est étrangère à l'organisation de cette manifestation."

  • Chuck Norris jokes live with Asp.Net Core 2.1

    HEPIA - Salle A106

    During this presentation Olivier will develop a web page updated every five seconds with a Chuck Norris joke. Technically there is a service running in the background on the server and notifications to the browser using SignalR. This will be the opportunity to introduce some new features of Asp.Net Core 2.1: BackgroundService, HttpClientFactory, SignalR Hub, SignalR Javascript client and the MediatR library with IServiceScopeFactory. We'll also have a look at LibMan for managing client libraries.

    About Olivier: Olivier has been passionate about computer science since the beginning of the 1980s and the rise of micro computing. For 15 years he developed successively with the languages C /STL, Java before adopting the .Net platform with C#, VB.Net and F #. Currently he is interested in functional programming and F# language. As usual, there will be an apéro afterwards, generously offered by our sponsor Qim Info. See you there! HEPIA fineprint: "l'école est étrangère à l'organisation de cette manifestation."

  • Performance in the Javascript Era

    Hepia. Salle A106

    More than just tips, tricks, metrics, and clicks, from code to cloud and back again - performance on the web has gone way beyond "oh just put your CSS in the header and your Javascript in the footer".

    More often approached as an afterthought, this primer will cover some essential ground on how to approach measuring website and web app performance, along with some quick wins, through to some more lower-level technical nuances with HTTP2, compression, and header management, and finally putting all our tools together to comprehensively and continuously keep a watchful eye on your performance metrics.

    Samples in ASP.NET and NodeJS.

    Benjamin Howarth (@benjaminhowarth) is a freelance ASP.NET architect & senior developer, specializing in open-source content management systems and with experience in high-scale high-performance websites.

    As usual, our sponsor Qim Info helps us to offer some snacks and drinks. After the talk there is a chance to win some swag from Microsoft, and a valuable JetBrains license. See you there!