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Hello, this is Bo Lee, also known as KimyiBo. I am an artist-writer and I am Korean-American. I am enthusiastic about Korean traditional art, mainly its calligraphy and brush painting. While I was studying Fine Arts in the US, I went study-abroad to Korea for one year to study this art form. I totally fell in love. So I went back to Korea to further my study.

Having practiced it for ten years, I will still call myself a beginner as it takes life time to master it. Yet I sheepishly call myself a teacher since I am passing on my knowledge to other who want to learn. I started giving lessons in Minneapolis and I continue to do so in Geneva.

Both artists and non-artists are welcome. We will start from how to hold a brush for the beginners. If you have some experience with Asian writing and painting and you want to practice more, this would also be a good opportunity for you.

Currently there are two venues:

1) at A l'heure Sensationan, in Plainpalais, 5 rue Leschot 1205 Geneve

In this spring, a series of 6 workshops are offered on brush painting, particularly <> which designate bamboo, orchid, plum blossoms and chrysanthemum. In our previous workshop we learned to draw bamboo and orchid, so this time we are drawing the other two flowers. We meet in an art shop in Plainpalais (Geneva) on Tuesday evenings 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Price: 234 CHF for 6 Workshops

2) At my home in Eaux Vives on occasional Saturday mornings 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This workshop is more loosely structured as I try to meet each member's needs. You can choose to write Chinese characters or draw plants or other things.

Price: 40 CHF per 1 meeting


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