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We'll have our second meetup in a lightning talk format, with three ten-minute speakers. As speakers are confirmed we'll update here:

Glenn Waldron, of Pelican Mapping in Fairfax, VA will be speaking to us about 3D web maps . The main focus will be on the emerging WebGL technology and how it enables accessible 3D map development. He'll also talk about what's missing and what kind of stardards or best practices need to evolve to support 3D web maps. Finally, he'd like to gauge the community's interest in the tech and talk about potential applications.

Eric Gunderson, of Development Seed in DC will present a case study of a mapping tool they built to analyze data on violence against journalists in Afghanistan. This won't be technical, more of a "here's the problem, this is why we mapped it like this, and this is how we mapped it" talk.

Interested in building geospatial applications using Ruby on Rails? Peter Jackson will walk us through the current state of the web development stack using Ruby, Rails, RGeo, and their friends. He will also talk briefly about his upcoming release of the framework GeoRails. This isn't an in-depth technical presentation, so stay awake for it!

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