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LocationTech & GeoPhilly present: 2015 Geo Open Source Meetup

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Philadelphia's third annual LocationTech ( event is an evening speaker series featuring technical talks on the convergence of open source and geospatial. This is presented by GeoPhilly ( hosted by Azavea ( This event follows the JS.Geo conference in Philadelphia and is conveniently located in the same venue.

RSVP to join Philadelphia's experts in mapping and open source and learn about the innovative work in the field.

This event is part of the the Eclipse Foundation's LocationTech tour featuring events in numerous cities world wide. Please visit: to learn more about this series of events.

Talks Include:

Tom Ingold, Boundless

An introduction to GeoGig: Distributed, MultiUser versioning of GeoSpatial data

This presentation will outline use cases for GeoGig and will illustrate how to version geospatial data via both command line and through the QGIS Plugin. Concepts such as roll backs, branching, syncing and committing will be discussed and demonstrated and attendees will be given a chance to grab beta versions of upcoming releases.

Whitney O’Meara, RadiantBlue

GeoWave: Distributed Geospatial Indexing

GeoWave is an open source software project that leverages the scalability of a distributed key-value store for effective storage, retrieval, and analysis of massive geospatial datasets. It currently does so by providing plugins to connect GeoTools, PDAL, and Mapnik to an Accumulo based data store, with an HBase data store soon to follow.

Laurence Liss, Azavea

Tilers in Custom Applications

When you are building a cartographic application, you'll probably need a tiler, but which one to choose? At Azavea we use a few different tilers depending on the specifics of the project. We'll talk about the tilers we use and why we use each one in various situations.

Gabby Getz, Cesium

Best of 3D on the Web

This talk features a showcase of some of the best examples of web 3D using Cesium.

Diego Gómez-Deck, GLOB3 Mobile, INC

Vector Streaming in Mobile Map Tools

This talk will introduce a novel new way to interact with Vector data from mobile devices. This new approach use “progressive” download/rendering of potential huge vector datasets.

Chris Whong, CartoDB

Injecting GeoJSON into Other People's Maps

Chris Whong used chrome extensions to inject subway stop and line geojson into ('s maps. This presentation will describe how to hijack leaflet maps with Chrome Extensions.

LocationTech ( is a vendor neutral community for individuals and organizations who wish to collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software that is location aware. LocationTech hosts technology projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.

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