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This group is about exploration, discovery, nature and adventure! An outlet for a diversity of outdoor activities without the need to belong to 4-6 separate groups. To meet kindred spirits, make new friends and savor the flavor of life! Leisurely activities and positive interaction with others is essential for good health and a long life. Life is good!

For people that love paddling the rivers, lakes, and the sea -- all of Metro Atlanta and beyond, wherever the water calls our name! For people that enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and camping -- kayak/canoe camping (campsites you can only paddle to) and car-camping (campsites you can drive to) at some of our beautiful parks and out of the way places. From the Georgia Mountains to the Sea/Barrier Islands, the beautiful State of Georgia, and our surrounding States, has so much to offer.

I want everyone to think of Georgia Paddlers and Outdoor Adventurers (GPOA) as being as much his or her own group as it is mine! We are always open to any outdoor activity suggestions. Perhaps 2 or 3 of these activities packed into one weekend or daily event. I encourage folks to join that would like to organize events. Start small and move at your own comfort level/pace. Share your favorite activities your way. Meetup is a great venue that gives you the tools to completely control your event. Get creative! You have nothing to lose (it’s free to you on GPOA) and everything to gain. If you have an event idea that you are comfortable leading please let me know -- whenever the mood, idea or right time comes along. If and when you need instruction on how to set up an event, limit participants (if you prefer smaller groups for example), give directions, limit your personal information, etc., and then post the event -- I will gladly assist in every way I can. You can help insure that there are paddles with rentals (for example) by making suggestions and getting involved. You don't have to organize if you're not comfortable but doing a little research and finding event ideas that you would like and think others would enjoy is very helpful. No obligations or expectations, this is all about the love of the outdoors and enjoyment!

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