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THIS WILL BE A S.L.O.W. HIKE - please expect S.L.O.W.

We will not leave anyone behind!!




Hiking Trail: Davidson Arabia Mountain

Date and Time to Meet Before the Hike: Saturday, March 9, 2013 @ 9:00 a.m. at Kohl’s located at Stonecrest Mall - 2929 Turner Hill Road, Lithonia, GA 30038 - across the street from the hotel area near the main road and closest to the path. There is plenty of parking at the mall and there may not be at the Nature Preserve with this hike being scheduled for a Saturday morning.

If you would like to make plans to carpool ahead of the hike, please comment on this event page to see if others would be interested in joining you. Please be sure to offer funding for carpooling.

*I will be in a ’97 Green Honda Passport with a special needs tag.*

Time of Departure from Kohl’s Parking Lot: 9:15 a.m. Please be on time!

Address: 2929 Turner Hill Road, Lithonia, GA 30038 at Kohl’s located at Stonecrest Mall -across the street from the hotel area near the main road and closest to the path. There is plenty of parking at the mall and there may not be at the Nature Preserve with this hike being scheduled for a Saturday morning since there are 3 events going on there the day this hike is due to transpire.

Directions: Please obtain directions from your location.

Time: Please be on time! This is a day hike where those who start with the group, should please expect to remain with the group for this hike! If you have a set time to be at another location, you may wish to reconsider this hike. We could be on the trail for up to 6-8 hours. If you go on this hike, please simply plan to be on the path/trail for at least 6 hours and up to 8 hours.

Difficulty of Hike: Easy to Moderate with a few ups and downs.

Length of Hike: Depending on group and the areas we wish to discover.

Scenery: A-

Description of trail and area: This is a great time of the year to get out of the house and explore Davidson Arabia Mountain by meeting new people and enjoying a nature hike with a group of photographers.

Davidson Arabia Mountain has a paved path, yet we will venture off the paved path onto some hiking trails at various points. We will share the path with road bike cyclists and maybe even mountain bike cyclists, so please be sure to stay on the right side of path and if you hear someone say, “On your left!” be sure to move over so they can pass safely.

Davidson-Arabia Mountain is a small version of Stone Mountain - a huge granite monolith that is actually much older than it's well known sibling. The rock outcroppings and pools of water on top make fantastic photo compositions. During late September, the mountain erupts with the bloom of millions of yellow daisies covering the area.

The mountain itself is part of the 2,550 acre DeKalb County Park called the Davidson – Arabia Nature Preserve. The Preserve also includes other large formations of exposed granite, wetlands, pine and oak forests, multiple streams, and two lakes. {We may not make it to the two lakes – just an FYI}. The rare, native plant species, such as the signature red diamorpha in the winter and fall’s yellow daisies, make it seem as though the rock is in constant metamorphosis.

While the Preserve is considered an exceptional ecological wonder the area is also very much influenced by the hand of man. The evidence of quarrying activities are apparent in the industrial debris left on the mountain and of the abandoned structures once used by workers for storage, offices and shelter. The ruins of quarry buildings are found interspersed throughout the park and metal spikes that were used to split the granite are still embedded in the rock.

The hike to the top of the granite outcrop involves an easy climb of 300 feet. This is an exposed granite outcrop with few trees so be prepared with water and protection from the sun.

Suggestions of items to bring on this hike (just in case you need them):

1. This is a photography hike. Please bring your camera! Again, this is a photography hike! We will be stopping a great deal during this hike to take pictures of various locations along this hike.

This hike is open to photographers of all levels who have a camera where actual settings can be adjusted to create that perfect shot. This area provides wonderful opportunities for landscape and macro photography. There are opportunities for wildlife; however, in September the main subject is the drifts of yellow daisies. Tripods are suggested, but not required. You will not want to miss taking shots of nature along the way. If you see a good photo op, please announce it to the group so others can take advantage of it as well.

2. Please wear "HIKING" boots/shoes!

3. Suggestions of items to pack in your backpack to be safe:

a. 2 liters of water or Gatorade – no alcohol please
b. High Energy Snacks
c. Lunch - we will have lunch at some point
d. First Aid Kit; Benadryl for bee stings and allergic reactions, aspirin and sun block - we will be in sunny areas on the rock outcrops.
e. Flashlight and/or a headlamp
f. Trail guide and maps
g. Compass - know how to use it, even if you have a GPS
h. Rain gear
i. Toilet Paper
j. Hand Sanitizer or Wipes

4. Please be sure to dress for the weather.

5. Please bring anything else "YOU" will need to help make a hike in the woods for several hours more enjoyable for "YOU!"


Children: Children are welcome. Please make sure your child does not run over other hikers and he/she stays with you at all times.

Pets: A pet's attendance is welcome; however, please keep him/her on a leash at all times. Please make sure your pet does not run over other hikers. Please bring baggies to clean up after your pet and be sure to bring plenty of water for your pet.

Weather: This hiking adventure will NOT be cancelled unless there is an 85% - 100% chance of rain on this date. I will do my best to notify those who RSVP the day before if we need to cancel due to weather.

Dinner after the Hike: Depending on what time we get out of the woods and off the path, we may travel over to one of the local restaurants near Stonecrest Mall (or another neighboring town) for dinner. Everyone is welcome to join us for a hot meal.

Questions: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask here or feel free to email me at:

Please call MaryAnne at 770-265-9288 if you are running late.

If I am running late, for whatever reason, I WILL post a note on this meet-up page to let the group know. Please call me at 770-265-9288 if you are running late.

Thank you for reading the details of this hike!

Hope to see you on the trail and hope you have a very blessed day!