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Water Fall #17 - DeSoto Falls, Alabama

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Water Fall #17 - DeSoto Falls, Alabama

You can easily get your fill of waterfalls in northeastern Alabama. This area is home to plenty of waterfalls, including one that's famously beautiful. DeSoto Falls has graced the cover of many Alabama travel brochures. And if you're going to visit DeSoto Falls, you might as well take a hike through the nearby state park with the same name, to check out several cascades.

Will also visit DeSota State Park, which has several waterfalls scattered on trails throughout the park.

This trip will NOT be all waterfall hiking, we'll be taking a couple of stops along the way to some historical sites.

We will hike as a group, I'm a nature hiker, I look and photo everything that draws my attention. I want people who are curious about NATURE... who want to stop and ask... " What is this flower, tree, bird, rock, bug,?? " I may not know, but I'd love to find out. If you have a guide book...please bring it.

This is a SLOW hiking group. Expect S L O W …. If you are a trail runner, my hikes are not for you. If this is just physical exercise and you run off down the trail, then you are on your own. There will be no 3 mph hiking with this group. I don't want to have to worry about you a mile ahead of us, when John Doe twist an ankle, and the rest of us are trying to figure out how to get help.

Be sure to dress in layers, bring plenty of water or gatorade, and hiking poles if you have them. Bring rain gear... you never know about the weather !

Bring a lunch, trail mix, snacks, CHOCOLATE, and plenty of treats to bribe Organizer with ! PLENTY of water or gatorade.

We're meeting at Mansell, to give people a chance to carpool, to save the expense and time logisticsl problems, if everyone met at the trip destination. Normally, the cost is computed by total mileage of trip, divided by mpg of vehicle driven and then divided between riders. Some clubs use .32 per mile, but regardless it‘s cheaper to carpool than to drive yourself. PLEASE help your driver with gas expenses on the trip. If you want to place yourself in a carpool ahead of meeting, just make a comment on this event web page, and I’m sure one of the driver’s will save a place for you. We’ve never left anyone behind due to lack of carpooling space.

BE ON TIME ! ! On long all day trips, I will NOT wait on you. One person will not hold up an entire group, we will leave you behind, that is a PROMISE !

This is a NON-drinking, NON smoking group....

We meet at the Mansell Marta Park & Ride, Exit 8, Hwy 400 at Mansell Road. If coming North on Hwy 400, exit right, merge to far left lane, turn left at red light, go under Hwy 400, immediately enter left turn lane, then turn into parking area. We usually park about halfway down into parking area, on the left side.