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Cumming Fairgrounds (Holi Festival)

235 Castleberry Road · Cumming, ga

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Don't know.lol It's a big event. By that time, we will talk to you on texts.

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Dear culture-oriented adventurers:

Another public cultural event that I would like to share with others. The first time I joined this festival was the invitation from an Indian friend of mine. I came home with color powder all over my head and my clothes.lol While in the festival, you might as well enjoy it, dance and mingle.

I AM NOT THE ORGANIZER. Sewa International is. And it is a different organizer from yesterday (March 14th). Feel free to look them up if you have any questions. However, there is a fee of $5 to enter the festival. They accept cash, credit card and cashier's check. Parking is free.

I set this meetup as no-limit attendees. I will not need to monitor people's bahavior like other events whether they sign up and do not show up or take off the last minute. Please have a lot of fun with it.
Watch out for the powder.....fun....fun....fun...

When is Holi?
The Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated on the last full moon day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month, which usually falls in early March.
Holi is also known in some states as Doljatra, or Dola Purnima. In Nepal, it is known as Fagu Purnima. It is also a public holiday called Phagwah in the South American countries of Guyana and Suriname. The day before Holi is known as Holi Dahan and can be a holiday in some states.

History of Holi
Holi was originally a festival to celebrate the start of Spring, good harvests and fertility of the land. The first mentions of it date back to a poem from the 4th century. Holi was described in a 7th century Sanskrit play called "Ratnavali," written by the Indian emperor Harsha.

Today it is better known as a symbolic commemoration of a legend from Hindu Mythology.