⛰🌸🍁TENTATIVE-Fall Foliage at Crowders Mountain State Park

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LAST UPDATE: 5/20/21
COVID-19 WATCH! Never take it for granted.

This meetup was created months before the pandamic.
It is for a special occasion of my choice.
I have decided to keep it after seeing a few of you signing up.
Please make sure that you can commit to the hike before joining.
By reading all details, you will understand where I am coming from.
I have decided to put in a hike on my way to North Carolina on a family matter. Either I hike alone in happy solitude or I share what good with a few that are like-minded.
Team players are welcome and you will smile, laugh but stay focused on your speed and the beauty of nature. I only expect zero drama.


I have hiked there 4 times, twice on my own and twice with others as a leader.
Crowders Mountain State Park is a 5,126-acre North Carolina state park in Gaston County. It is near Kings Mountain and Gastonia and includes Crowder's Mountain and The Pinnacle and is a great place for hiking and climbing.
The sheer cliffs of the Pinnacles are a popular destination for rock climbers and Crowder's Mountain has four hiking trails as options for summiting: Crowder's Trail, Rocktop Trail (the most difficult), the Backside Trail and the Tower Trail. The Pinnacle Trail and Ridgeline Trail) lead to the Pinnacle.

Distance: 10.1 miles
Speed: Team speed fast (my fast is I run but I wait at stops). If you are fast and you go way ahead, there is no need to sign up. There is a leader and the leader stops to check on people. Complainers of any kind will not be tolerated. True hikers are pateint and, most of the times, appreciative and kind.
Hiking Time: 3-4 hours (driving time is 3 hours each way from North Georgia)
Parking fee: free

There is an option that I might go longer. I expect that you are independent and I will guide you directions to get back. It is pretty a good system with easy and straightforward trail map. You can get a map but I don't need one. If you are constantly being afraid of getting lost or showing no patience as possibly a sign of being unkind, you are not a true hiker and will probably blame it on the leader, it's a burden. Experienced hikers will always stay cool and calm. Just go with the flow.

Last, an event of positivity, organizers are not here to monitor behaviors. If you spoiled yourself from other groups by being a pain, there will be zero tolerance here. I do not think for a second that any hiking leaders work for you. Please be cooperative like you are grateful for what is given. When we get closer and you are to cancel the hike for any reasons, please let me know. Otherwise, you will be placed on one of the three no-shows. You know what that means.

Let's keep happiness in place from within being out there with fitness in nature.

Have a good weekend!

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