TENTATIVE DATE: 🙏😍Boun Phrawet Annual Celebration at Wat Lao Phothisaram

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How to find us

You are guided to send a text to me on the morning of the event so I know where to find you in case anything has changed. Good karma!

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This event was created before the Pandamic.
It is kept on as a reference for the future dates.

Dear culture-oriented adventurers,

Interested persons, please read before signing up. There is a spot for you if you really want to do it because you will remember about it. There is no need to sign up if you are not sure or in your self awareness, you are indecisive. Peace and happiness be with you!

I am sharing what good I would do in my own time when I receive information (by mail) from any cultural organizers that I have made a connection with! Although many good events are for a commercial purpose and fun, I only post the meetup of a given.
It is about learning new things, generosity, peace and experiencing authentic food.

You are open-minded, reliable, dependable and respectful i.e. you seek the peace of mind. I think you are in the right place. Good karma!

BOUN PHRAWET (Celebrating in Thailand and Laos)
There is more to it in the history. Even I, myself, am still learning.
Boun Phravet (you may see different spellings) is an annual tradition festival. It is usually performed in the 4th month of Buddhist calendar. Due to the socio-economics lives of the Lao people, some villages organize it prior to the 4th month or later regarding to the proper time.
http://www.seasite.niu.edu/lao/Lao_Folklore/vesantrara_ceremony.htm for more information

DRESS CODE: Traditional dress. If none, out of respect, pants, jeans, long dress, blouse, shirt, cover your clevage, no shorts, no short skirts, no hat (unless you are cold).
ENVIRONMENT: Most people sit on the floor. If your joints and muscles do not cooperate with you, there are chairs. Speak softly, stay focused, meditate yourself most of the time, AND SMILE!!!
LUNCH: Merit-making authentic food prepared by individuals will be ready for your self-service (free buffet type). Feel free to take some food items home.
DONATION: A place of generosity, peace but fun in many ways. Please consider donating a few dollars. I donate any number then ends in "9" which means "stepping forward", "glory", "luck" or the like.

Comments that are negative attitude or uneducated assumption as a sign that you have not read the details will be removed immediately. Georgia Adventurers Group take zero tolerance from those behaving poorly, showing negative attitude with no respect and those no-shows without any notice.
It is bad karma to do so. "Karma" What goes around will come around! Sadly, this is the part that do not want to put out. There have been examples of those behaviors.
Keep the peace!

Three times' a charm...... 3 no-shows? You will be no longer with GAG and good luck in your next group with this habit.

May you find happiness and health for many years to come!