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Welcome to Georgia Association of Sport-bikes [GAS]!

We are the most active sport-oriented motorcycle group in the state of Georgia and have the best team of organizers who live the sport bike life every day.

We welcome riders of all skill levels. Everyone from those just starting out on two wheels to the track star will find a reason to participate in this group. We use a two tiered system to standardize/rate all of our rides so you can find the rides that fit your style and skill level. However a group ride should not be your first ride out on the road, even experienced riders with a new bike should hold off on showing off with your new ride.

You will find people looking to get out and ride almost every weekend throughout the season, occasionally some week days, and social events during the "off-season" as well. We do everything from day trips up to the mountains, dealer launch events, overnight trips, exploratory missions to new places, and frequent track days. We also attend other track events to watch the pros. This group is for people who want to ride, have a love of sport bikes, and want to meet new people.

If you ride with us:

1. You must put your safety and the safety of others as a priority on every ride. We host Group rides. There is NO winning a group ride.

2. Follow the instructions of your group leader, we are not impressed by high speed “fly bys”, taking over multiple lanes, sustaining wheelies, weaving in and out of traffic, ect.

3. You are coming to make friends, come with an open mind and a positive attitude. If you are looking to see if you are king of the hill please try a track day. Save fastest riding for the track where it is safe and legal. Check out: http://www.sportbiketracktime.com for a track day near you!

4. Sportbikes, Sport Touring, supermotards, sport standards ONLY. No Harleys, cruisers or three wheeled vehicles.

This is a quick reference guide to describe how organizers of GAS will communicate the pace(color) of any given ride and the level of road complexity(1-3). The level of road complexity/pace is NOT referring to the skill level of any individual rider.


Most emphasis on riding as a group.

Little to no passing.

Steady pace

Usually will have a sweep

Most common: day trips to unfamiliar areas.


Less about group riding

More liberal with passing and throttle roll on

Less likely to have a sweep.

Road complexity levels. Again, this is NOT talking about a riders skill level but the road it’s self. A new rider can definitely ride a complex road, however the likelihood of triggering a survival reaction(fear) increases.

Lvl 1: City riding, nice long straight roads, the occasional entrance/exit ramp, wide open.

Example: 85/in town.

Lvl 2: More sweeping turns, open areas. Few blind turns. Little to no tight turns

Example: Red Top mountain, country riding,

Lvl3: Mostly blind turns, complex sets of turns, turns that can tighten,

Examples: Blood Mountain, parts of 17 north, rt60

While we maintain no fees/dues for the Meetup hosting we do ask our members to attend at least one event a year to maintain an active membership. Inactive/unsafe members will get booted.


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Blood/60/RBR (Green/LVL3)

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Halloween county rip (green/lvl2)

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Cherohala Skyway run (green**/lvl3)

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